Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Happy Bday Mama!

you are my inspiration, always...happy bday mama!

My mom turns 52 on 30th Mac 08.

as you know, I'm quiet become a Ms-Suprise-Bday-Party lately, so i did a surprise for my mom too. Well it wasn't a planned one, everything just fell into places a few days before her bday. She knew I'm not coming home that weekend, so on the Sunday morning, before i get home, I bought her a bday cake.

The cake that i had in my mind was something sour but sweet, so the peach cream low fat cake from secret recipe was the best choice! she liked it even after that!

Mama was at the kitchen when i got home, slowly i tipped toe to my room, and burned the candles on the cake and we (baiti, niki and abang) went to the kitchen and "SUPEEERISEEEEE!!!!" huhu...boy, she was grinning sampai telinga! we sang her the bday song, and she blows the candle and we ate bday cake for bfast that morning!

but for hadiah, sorry la mama, kene later2... :P

Later that noon, we went to Canadian Pizza at TTDI for bday luncheon sponsored by dear sister, baiti. not bad at all! we ordered a large size of meat lover and Hawaiian chicken,the garlic bread sangat banyak for 5 pax! and got lasagna + chicken wings + drinks (2 big bottles). if you haven't eat Canadian Pizza yet, you'll be surprise by the "Large Size" they are offering cause its, really really large. sangat puas hati makan.

afterwards, we did some last minute shopping for my little cousin bday party at her home in Selayang. we crashed at the party until about 8pm or so and head to Starbucks Alpha Angle later with stomach full of chicken rice, and lasagna some more (bleerghh) from the bday party.

baiti had this starbucks coffee beans where you can purchase this pack of beans at any starbucks outlets and
SUPPOSEDLY you can bring the beans to any starbucks outlets for them to grain you the beans and make you a cup of coffee out from your own purchased bean for free. tapi lain pulak cerita bile pegi kat starbuck alpha angle.
they told us, the beans can only be grain at the outlet for home usage. and bukan diorang yang buatkan kopi from the beans...we were like "WTF??!!" maksu terus order our drinks dengan perasaan tak puas hatinye because the staff gave her a look yang sangat annoying.

baiti pun sms sms lah kawan dia yg ada keje kat starbucks and they said, mimang buleh buat coffee kat outlet tuh, the staff maybe too lazy to buat it. plus, bukan kami tak penah pegi suruh orang starbucks tu buat coffee with our beans tu, pernah, a few times gak, buat je derang.

so, orang starbucks alpha angle, nasib la korang lepas ni ngan orang atasan korang, we did report already. now who has the last laugh now? ....muahahahahahahahaha XD ...........

mama pun nk pose cm kami weee :D

btw, im not feeling well so i cannot donate blood :(


dah besar da adik2 sepupu aku nih :)


Elly Ezani said...

happy besday mak teh !! hehe

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