Sunday, April 06, 2008


okay, all this while i thought the title of the song was Semestinya, sang by Bunga Cinta Lestari (what a very beautiful and unique name) as she keeps repeating "semestinya" through out the verses and chorus...silly me! the titled is Ingkar :P

I'm addicted to it after i heard it sang harmonically and beautifully by these 3 girls whom auditioned for Gema 08 (Gema is a prestigious singing competition in MMU) they've made to the final (and now im not sure to go or not to go, the tix is RM15, quiet a lot of money at the mo', but i really wanna see the trio sang semestinya, ooppss i mean ingkar, RM15 just to see them sing and of course im not happy with the guest artiste which is Spider. i mean who on MMU wants to see Spider? tell me who?so, is my 15 bucks worth the show?)

Anyho' i still have a week to think about it..go go harim!

in other things in my life, as i were excitedly to go on for my first FYP shooting, Mr Ken told me he's not really please with my storyline. bummer, i said. i had to cancel the shooting i planned the next day of the accidentally consultation session. i had brainstorming ideas with my close friends after we had our stomach filled, and managed to come up with one storyline. later when i get back to my crib, i wrote another storyline, and now, im just waiting for Mr K's email. mintak2 lah dia kate proceed.amin.

i could not copy pictures from my phone to the pc.
tak tau kenapa.
something something wrong here and there.

there goes the mega sales. PTPTN WTF IHU GBMMUT (sgt marah!)

ok, its almost 4am and i should get my sleep as me and ida is on for power walk tomorrow morning.

night night everyone.
sleep tight.
don't let the bed bug's bite.

lullaby away,


immeylito said...

i suke spider...!!! iman la tu yg nak tgk spider kt mmu... :p

harim hamdan said...

hahahha..ok mesti pasal iman derang bawak spider...tape2...yg penting hujan ada :P