Wednesday, April 16, 2008


my membuang masa buddies :D thanx a bunch girls!

our first submission of fyp was yesterday.
i was damn convince that i would finish it all by the most 2pm, instead i got drag away and made it to the studio just 8 minutes before the door closed. (yup, our lecturers got this thing about closing the door after submission hour, no one will be entertained,kau duduklah luar studio sampai lebam cam ne pun, dia tak kan bukak,tapi kalo pandai bodek, bule la kot :P )

anyways, things get so tense to me the night before submission as i realize that i hadn't finish spray mounting the labels/caption for my storyboard,shooting boards and vfx boards. because we need to present with two different ideas, so we must provide with two different ideas on each boards above, gedid? everything must times two lah..all together, i got 5 shooting boards, 4 storyboards and 2 vfx boards, still sgt susah nk siapkan semalam.

that's not all, the AV major student also need to provide the usual concept boards (2), strategy boards(1), script boards (2) and the best boards. luckily i did these boards before the crucial few days of submission. tapi tu lah, tak siap2 gak..huhu...

selalu, eli akan menjadi orang yang lambat hantar than me..but yesterday, she was an hour earlier, gud job girl!

with the boards submitted, insya allah, this would be the last time i do all the dirty sticking spray mounting, chopping the boards, cutting the labels, go printing with just enough money (hahaahah), blackout just when you're about to use the pc or printer a few hours before dateline, ape lagi, corrupted pc especially when you forgot to do some back up file and many more, as a student..

im sure will miss the endless night of staying up late until the next morning, sampai tak tido pun ada.

maybe when i go to working environment, i would have to do the same, but, there's just something missing, something gud missing, not a student anymore.

yes, student life is perfect.
for us to learn about E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

so, the next project is the execution part.
my favorite part, go out, go shooting!! weeeeeee

*to them, jangan sedey lagi k, u guys did ur best, we still have the execution part, kick ass there aite!


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