Tuesday, April 08, 2008


since i was a kid, most my friends, or friends of friends, would thought me as a boy, just to hear my masculine-like name, Harim. i was pretty offended by that. seldom i asked mama, why would they think that.later in my teens year, i understand that the name brings the unique part of me...and i realize that my name, represents myself, a unique, interesting person that is ready to come out to the world and kick ass!

as i grow up into this world, i learned so many things.
things that i understand, and some i just don't get it.

i have so many friends along the way.
for me , friends are not your collection item or some long list on friendster for the sake of being popular, but friends are worth more than that. they are those few who understand you even a little bit. some of who shares your ups and downs, and some of who just love being around you. some are just there to listens, and there are who wants to talk non stop..hahaha...and there are friends who come and go...

im thanking Allah for His mercy of blessing me with good friends all the way.
if you want me to list down my friends, i'm sure i could not complete it over night. but i know, they know who they are. thank you friends, for sharing me your wings, for helping me to grow, and for knowing me. and if i don't make it along our journey to achieve our dreams, remember you always have the best in me.

of course, to my family that i love dearly.
mama, for bringing me to the world, for feeding me with your soul, for raising me with your love, for saving me from drowning, i love you the most.

babah, although we are not close as some father and daughter would be, you always are my hero.my pride and soul.thank you for your blessing.

abang, my only abang is my mentor somehow. we had great childhood time, you always back me up in everything. and i luv u for that.

nanim, my only sister in this world.my bank bergerak...hahahah...you can make me sad and crash at times, but that just because you being you, budak cengih!, but when you open up your heart, you are the most vulnerable human being i've ever seen...you know me well, inside and out. thank u love.

my little nikki, watching you grow is one of the incredible thing that ever happen in my life. seriously, you were the cutest and beautiful baby in the world, and now you've become the most handsome form 1 student in SBU! :D you give me reasons to smiles. life is still a long way for you to understand dear. you will face with a lot of things, challenge you would never expect.be patient and remember God,mama and babah.i luv you niki niki tak!

maksu & family, thank u for your support after all this years.

teachers, thank you for you guidance and patients...

from the bottom of my humble heart, thank you all for your warm wishes, your smiles that lights up my world, your prayers and your loves :)

today, i have grown into a 25 years old woman with pink power to achieve her dreams and kick ass to the fullest in this world.
With great power comes great responsibility....hahahha....


smiling for more years to come..insya allah


p/s: more pictures of my cool bday party soon...


Elly Ezani said...

kak arem !! happy belated besday.. so cemmana ari tuh ?? dpt tak transport ?

Harim said...

tenkie2... :D

ari tu tak jadi pun g shooting..tetibe je storyline kene reject...hahahhahha..

owh, i think i might need a talent wearing tudung...u wanna try? *wink wink*

Hawk said...

allo.. stil..
all d best