Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Central Market new face

Sangat terkejut semalam when i found Central Market with new face! seriously!
the last time i went there was 2 years ago, mencari kerang2 untuk dijual di Art Market, MMU. back then, CM was too dark, too gloomy, too dirty and too dangerous.

but, to my surprise, everything is the opposite today!
then entrance was nice, they even have receptionist counter in the middle of the entrance, maybe they had it before, but tak pernah perasan pun...haha..
and as you enter, keceriaan of the place is shown. the malay concept they did, all kayu2 and kerawang2 menjadi...they even have this alley called straits chinese.

what i really love about it is the toilet..the toilet entrace/door is made of this door like the kopitiam version, macam dalam cerita p ramlee tu, where you just push the door and it will swing back once you enter. inside it was something patchy yet interesting. the toilet door is cool, the lock is something like old days kampung lock, yang ada selak tuh. and bowl sink pun nice. but if the bowl sink made out of kayu lagi interesting rite...

see the lock from inside the toilet

toilet doors

they even have nice aromatherapy scents

the sink is made of batu kot, the handle could be more interesting kalo tukar dengan kayu punye pemulas kan.

i only manage to capture a few pictures as i was too buzy to find a place to print my pink wardrobe tshirt.

unfortunately, the price is over my budget and they can only finish it in 2 weeks. my presentation would be next week. and i think i just need to cancel the idea i had from the first time i started on pink wardrobe :(

anyways, after the amazing toilet discovery, i went into this massage parlor called Genesis Step.
i had back pain since a few days ago and i thought i wanna try at this place.and so i went.
i had the best massage ever but it was a bit pain compare to the previous massage i had at Joy's Beauty Care. but oklah gak...cause after that, i feel refresh and rejuvenate. she even massage my head and she put her fingers inside my ears and tarik2 keatas! hahah...i pun cm, eh biar betul, nk korekkan telinga aku ke..wakakakka...anyways, the treatment was nice. it make me think to come back again. and the price was reasonable. rm45 for 3o minutes massage session. that's the aromatherapy massage ye.

and after the massage, i go for another round and saw the bright looking food court..sangat besh!owh, did i mentioned they got secret recipe and oldtown cafe there? waaahhhh.... :D

i bought 3 lovely bangles that i really really want but it's so expensive outside,macam tak sesuai and tak berbaloi je nk beli. with offer of rm10 for 3 bangles, i didn't think twice..haha..a pink polka dot for me, a black polka dot for nanim, and a red polka dot for ida, so she can pair it with her red polka dot scarf she recently bought.

the bangles that i've been eying for so long!

now i don't have to worry go to CM all by my self.
to everyone, marilah ke CM! appreciates lah the renovation they made, that i've just discovered :P


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