Sunday, May 04, 2008


im planning of our big holiday trip.
but we're not sure where we wanna go, either Langkawi, Terengganu or Kelate.

im more to Terengganu and Kelantan as i've been to Langkawi after my internship last year..but im still open to Langkawi again! :D

we about to finish studying this end of may.
its a bit sad though, leaving the 3 years life full of fun, knowledge, memories and smiles behind.lepas ni, masing masing dah kerja, kawin ke, kan.

kalau ikutkan hati, i wanna stay 25 forever.
10 years ago, we sang along to Vitamin's C Graduation song." where we gonna be when we turn 25"
well, we are in MMU, about to finish school, and step into a new level of life. that's where we are right now. :)

"as we go on, we'll remember, all the times we, had together,
and as our life change, come whatever, we will still be, friends forever"

lagu tu sangat sedey la kan kalo nk nyanyi skang ni, and part "where we gonna be when we turn 25" tu bule tukar ngan 35 pulak..lets see what we have become/achieve when we turn 35!

banyak sangat kenangan pahit manis aku selama kat mmu.
the most awesome, sweet and bitter 3 years of my life.
friends, ada yang macam ntah ape ape ntah, but lots of yang support u from behind, who's there through your ups and downs, yang setia dan ikhlas berkawan dengan kita.

as im writing this, kak sha is still in bed.
and its a sunday morning in mmu.
im sure gonna miss all of this..every single thing of being an mmu-ians.

well, will be continue later...

btw, ini ialah kek yg maksu baked for me for my 25th birthday!
cute kan...adorable sgt! sowi la ucop, hang tak dak rezeki lak..nnt2 aku bagi ye...anyways, maksu baked cupcakes too..nnt ill upload the cupcakes he baked for wawan's bday..and auntie rozie's bday cake is lovely!
ill upload all nanti phone problem nk transfer lagi..kene tunggu fiza blk besok :P

till then, eat right, exercise girls!



Andy J said...

sedih gak...
sayu je aku bc....huhuhu
stay friends forever!

harim hamdan said...

aku pun gituu...sedey la wey..
lagi 3 minggu lebey je kat sini.
rasa nk stay gini selama lamanye..

yup, friends forever dude!