Monday, June 30, 2008

Viva Espana

Not that im a kaki bola, but i do like football when i was in high school...rite now im just a lazy bum who dun want to watch football anymore..hehe..unless if my favorite player is there..teehee..
anyways, congratulation Espana!

Due to fuel increasement, me and baiti decided to be a New Yorker
(berangan!) for a day, except that we are KL-lites as a true New Yorker (berangan lagi!) we walk around KL, yup, literally walking by feet.

We walk from KLCC to Pavillion and boy it was just a distance away!
mimang membazir minyak je naik teksi kalo dah ada kat KLCC..better jalan.
and from Pavillion, we walk around the Bukit Bintang.
but if you decide to walk, consider these matters:
1.are you walking alone? - cause u might never know if there's a mat rempit trying to snatch ur handbag ke, so if ada kawan, safe skit

2. are you carrying shopping bags? - mat rempit case again, and may be it will be too heavy for walking

3.are you wearing comfortable shoes? - cause if you don't, of courselah engkau menempuh sakit kaki selama 2 minggu! it raining? - janganlah pulak pasal nak save, sanggup tempoh hujan, karang demam tak pasal2...and kalo panas sangat pun, tak payahlah, masa kitorang g tu, hari sgt redup and cosy...sangat besh..

5.are you willing to walk? - cause if you don't, batalkan saje niat murni sucimu have to be willing to walk, and of course la kene tau jalan, kang sesat, termasuk pulak tempat boyan kontrak punye tempat..haha..situ banyak construction lately.

if you have consider these matters, than decide lah nk try walk or not.
i tried and i like it, but sampai skrang, kaki aku tak elok2 lagi dari sakit..sakit kaki siut! lenguh aku..haha..tu la nk jadi New Yorker sangat kan.

and this morning, i took the train to DBKL.
kene compound daa, rm100!tapi tadi i just made cute faces infront of the officer and he gave me rm30 instead...aku nk je ckp,"free la bang *wink wink*" hehe..but, rm30 oklah kot, dari rm100, or least i got balance for starbucking now.

so wat else is new, besides im still on my honeymoon break...jobless...wondering around...asik dok pakai wifi kat luar je...jadi driver nanim and nikki...wat else is new?

oh, news last nite: Anuar Ibrahim is being charged again for another molest action. i cannot believe it.again!??
im sure what ever it is, datin wan azizah and family, will be much stronger to confront this.this morning, i drop baiti at the turkish embassy for her assignment. apparently, rumors said that anuar seek refugee at the embassy.

ok, kaki aku sakit lagi..uwaaaa...

pukul 3 kang amik niki.
pastu anta dia g ngaji.
tu je la rutin harian keje i..hehe..

i sent my crash hard disk to the kilang oredi for a free hard disk is officially crash and unless i dun really care about the 200 bucks for data recovery, i would get all the stuff back.but i do care! dat is a lot of money...lotsa lotsa..
so, i trade in the crash one to a new one.abis cite...
tak sabar pulak nk tggu ketibaan yg baru.

oh, friends, dun forget to contribute to your environment and be green.
dun use a lot of plastic bags, dun littering around, don't use too much of aircond, if your not using any electricity please turn it off and pull the plug, use the recycle shopping bag instead of plastic bag.use both side of waste paper.
thank you for your contribution. it means a lot for us and to the next generation who wants to breath in the clean environment.
if not us to take action, who else would?

im outie for now.
take care folks!


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Designers with kain tenun pahang...

hye everyone!
im back, im gud!

i went to makteh's fashion show last nite at karyaneka in jln conlay.
the event was organize by karyaneka and kementerian perpaduan bla bla bla (tak ingat la nama dia, dulu2 kekkwa kan).the fashion show is about kain tenun pahang, which is so beautiful and authentic.
makteh was one of the 5 designers featured last nite.

i like makteh's not tryin to be bias just because she's my aunt, but because her designs are practical to wear at any occasion, very vogue yet lovely.

ok, sorry if you guys tgk angle sama je, this is sebab i didn't move an inch from my sitting place...huhu, protocol matters, tak bule duduk sesuka hati to amik gambar, unless you're the press.*discrimination* XD

so, tom's design was ok, not so over the top, not so bottom either...these are some of her collection

so,that was tom abang saufi's collection..ok la gak kan.
this one is by bernard chandran...
and this one is from a guy designer, which i can't recall his name.but mama said he went to uitm with makteh....
and the last one ni tak bule tahan..
masuk air ape designer dia...she is the in house designer at karyaneka..tapi baju style kamdar punye design..hahahha..tetibe je checkered2...dia ada male punye jugak, tapi gambar gelap sgt to upload.male punye baju lah yg cm kamdar gile tuh..pastu tetibe ada style erykah badu..kekekek..dat suppose to be tudung la. ntahlah.our jaws drop gile la bile model dia kuar..i think the model pun malu nk gayakan baju dia kot..wakakakka..wat u think?
these are some of kirana pictures on stage, and some of our pictures too..well done makteh!tepuk tangan... *claps claps*

happy weekdays peeps..
owh btw, u can catch my bro's commercial on air now. he's in the celcom 3+1 tvc, yg bapak dia nk cat rumah biru tuh...wakakkaka..tapi beruk punye version lagi syok kot..wakakka..

until then, take care!


Monday, June 16, 2008

PD escape

the plan was to go to langkawi with my girls....but things didn't go as it was plan, so i escaped myself to Port Dickson.

a 3 days and 2 nights stay were okay.
its not as fun and exciting as i was in langkawi. langkawi was amazing.

anyho', pd was fun too, we got the chance to explore pd. selalu kalo pergi dulu2, tak dpt chance cm tuh, so it was ok.

after pd, i went to jb with my girls...
dat was hilarious and interesting and fun!
but too bad our night outing didn't go as we were plan...
but we had fun, seriously!

and as on a couple weeks of my return, my uncles and aunties throw a bday party for atuk syed..more of a family gathering lah pelik je nk sebut bday party atuk syed..hahahah...

and yesterday, i went to wahyu's band marching competition at dataran merdeka...she played the saxophone. her school didn't win though, but the competition was a unique one!

ok lah, im having dinner at bangi kopitiam, wangsa maju now wif mama n maksu..this place is cool! ada wifi lagi wooo and the mee hoon goreng tomyam is so delicious!

until then, take care and eat right..


Friday, June 13, 2008

hye folks!

its me again..but this time, im not in MMU anymore..tsk tskk...well, i manage to pass all my projects and exam for previous semester, and this means im about to graduate soon. yippie!

but still, the other day i was at home doing nothing, suddenly i had this homesick feeling...although im at home, but im miss my second home in mmu. As baiti said to my dad, and i quote, " dia tu buat rumah kat mmu tuh", it is damn true!

in fact, i luv my room in mmu more than i luv my room at home. i miss the late night supper and late night outings with friends, and the early morning there was tranquility. i had this pink stuff all over my space in the room, with my pink bed sheet, with pink hyppo and fwens on the bed, and my pink lamp, my pink keyboard was even awesome! my pink rug of kitty cat..

living in mmu is heaven.
i still can't believe that i have to cut my late night outings now that im home, you know how parents can be right.too protective, or just protective. but i know me and my friends take a gud care of each other when we're out while having a lot of fun.
midnite movie, supper, dating, wondering, partying, the late nite outings..hmmm...

in in the middle of looking for job now.
not knowing exactly what is my strive now. i know that i need to look for a job but which one, advertising, designing, photographing?? which one?
i might just end up being a kindergarten teacher at tijani's bout that!
interesting aite?
or maybe i could just look for job that is near my house, you know with the fuel raising up, i can't afford to drive all along to damansara back and forth. most of the advertising agency are there..aiyooo..

in the other hand, my sister got herself a job at The Star.
as a journalist or a reporter, or a writer...hmm, im not sure what they call it nowadays, but journalist sounds gud. today is her first day as The Star staff. well, at least she knows what she will be doing rite..

i just miss my life in mmu as a student.
i miss my friends too..
i miss renting car from navid..haha..
i miss everything.everything.
and if i ever got a chance to go back on day one in MMU, i would do it again.

well, take care for now.
semoga saya dapat kerja.semoga my buddies got job too!
gud luck!

till then,