Friday, June 13, 2008

hye folks!

its me again..but this time, im not in MMU anymore..tsk tskk...well, i manage to pass all my projects and exam for previous semester, and this means im about to graduate soon. yippie!

but still, the other day i was at home doing nothing, suddenly i had this homesick feeling...although im at home, but im miss my second home in mmu. As baiti said to my dad, and i quote, " dia tu buat rumah kat mmu tuh", it is damn true!

in fact, i luv my room in mmu more than i luv my room at home. i miss the late night supper and late night outings with friends, and the early morning there was tranquility. i had this pink stuff all over my space in the room, with my pink bed sheet, with pink hyppo and fwens on the bed, and my pink lamp, my pink keyboard was even awesome! my pink rug of kitty cat..

living in mmu is heaven.
i still can't believe that i have to cut my late night outings now that im home, you know how parents can be right.too protective, or just protective. but i know me and my friends take a gud care of each other when we're out while having a lot of fun.
midnite movie, supper, dating, wondering, partying, the late nite outings..hmmm...

in in the middle of looking for job now.
not knowing exactly what is my strive now. i know that i need to look for a job but which one, advertising, designing, photographing?? which one?
i might just end up being a kindergarten teacher at tijani's bout that!
interesting aite?
or maybe i could just look for job that is near my house, you know with the fuel raising up, i can't afford to drive all along to damansara back and forth. most of the advertising agency are there..aiyooo..

in the other hand, my sister got herself a job at The Star.
as a journalist or a reporter, or a writer...hmm, im not sure what they call it nowadays, but journalist sounds gud. today is her first day as The Star staff. well, at least she knows what she will be doing rite..

i just miss my life in mmu as a student.
i miss my friends too..
i miss renting car from navid..haha..
i miss everything.everything.
and if i ever got a chance to go back on day one in MMU, i would do it again.

well, take care for now.
semoga saya dapat kerja.semoga my buddies got job too!
gud luck!

till then,


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