Monday, June 16, 2008

PD escape

the plan was to go to langkawi with my girls....but things didn't go as it was plan, so i escaped myself to Port Dickson.

a 3 days and 2 nights stay were okay.
its not as fun and exciting as i was in langkawi. langkawi was amazing.

anyho', pd was fun too, we got the chance to explore pd. selalu kalo pergi dulu2, tak dpt chance cm tuh, so it was ok.

after pd, i went to jb with my girls...
dat was hilarious and interesting and fun!
but too bad our night outing didn't go as we were plan...
but we had fun, seriously!

and as on a couple weeks of my return, my uncles and aunties throw a bday party for atuk syed..more of a family gathering lah pelik je nk sebut bday party atuk syed..hahahah...

and yesterday, i went to wahyu's band marching competition at dataran merdeka...she played the saxophone. her school didn't win though, but the competition was a unique one!

ok lah, im having dinner at bangi kopitiam, wangsa maju now wif mama n maksu..this place is cool! ada wifi lagi wooo and the mee hoon goreng tomyam is so delicious!

until then, take care and eat right..


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