Monday, June 30, 2008

Viva Espana

Not that im a kaki bola, but i do like football when i was in high school...rite now im just a lazy bum who dun want to watch football anymore..hehe..unless if my favorite player is there..teehee..
anyways, congratulation Espana!

Due to fuel increasement, me and baiti decided to be a New Yorker
(berangan!) for a day, except that we are KL-lites as a true New Yorker (berangan lagi!) we walk around KL, yup, literally walking by feet.

We walk from KLCC to Pavillion and boy it was just a distance away!
mimang membazir minyak je naik teksi kalo dah ada kat KLCC..better jalan.
and from Pavillion, we walk around the Bukit Bintang.
but if you decide to walk, consider these matters:
1.are you walking alone? - cause u might never know if there's a mat rempit trying to snatch ur handbag ke, so if ada kawan, safe skit

2. are you carrying shopping bags? - mat rempit case again, and may be it will be too heavy for walking

3.are you wearing comfortable shoes? - cause if you don't, of courselah engkau menempuh sakit kaki selama 2 minggu! it raining? - janganlah pulak pasal nak save, sanggup tempoh hujan, karang demam tak pasal2...and kalo panas sangat pun, tak payahlah, masa kitorang g tu, hari sgt redup and cosy...sangat besh..

5.are you willing to walk? - cause if you don't, batalkan saje niat murni sucimu have to be willing to walk, and of course la kene tau jalan, kang sesat, termasuk pulak tempat boyan kontrak punye tempat..haha..situ banyak construction lately.

if you have consider these matters, than decide lah nk try walk or not.
i tried and i like it, but sampai skrang, kaki aku tak elok2 lagi dari sakit..sakit kaki siut! lenguh aku..haha..tu la nk jadi New Yorker sangat kan.

and this morning, i took the train to DBKL.
kene compound daa, rm100!tapi tadi i just made cute faces infront of the officer and he gave me rm30 instead...aku nk je ckp,"free la bang *wink wink*" hehe..but, rm30 oklah kot, dari rm100, or least i got balance for starbucking now.

so wat else is new, besides im still on my honeymoon break...jobless...wondering around...asik dok pakai wifi kat luar je...jadi driver nanim and nikki...wat else is new?

oh, news last nite: Anuar Ibrahim is being charged again for another molest action. i cannot believe it.again!??
im sure what ever it is, datin wan azizah and family, will be much stronger to confront this.this morning, i drop baiti at the turkish embassy for her assignment. apparently, rumors said that anuar seek refugee at the embassy.

ok, kaki aku sakit lagi..uwaaaa...

pukul 3 kang amik niki.
pastu anta dia g ngaji.
tu je la rutin harian keje i..hehe..

i sent my crash hard disk to the kilang oredi for a free hard disk is officially crash and unless i dun really care about the 200 bucks for data recovery, i would get all the stuff back.but i do care! dat is a lot of money...lotsa lotsa..
so, i trade in the crash one to a new one.abis cite...
tak sabar pulak nk tggu ketibaan yg baru.

oh, friends, dun forget to contribute to your environment and be green.
dun use a lot of plastic bags, dun littering around, don't use too much of aircond, if your not using any electricity please turn it off and pull the plug, use the recycle shopping bag instead of plastic bag.use both side of waste paper.
thank you for your contribution. it means a lot for us and to the next generation who wants to breath in the clean environment.
if not us to take action, who else would?

im outie for now.
take care folks!


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