Tuesday, July 01, 2008


for me, smiles is the essential thing we must do everyday.
imagine this world with smiles by gazillion people.

i feel at peace when someone smiles at me, and of course i smile back..let it be a pakcik or makcik, or a girl a boy, or a little kid.

today i feel like smiling to everyone, you know why?
because i feel i nailed it at the job interview just now.so i smiled while i was walking from the interview place to ampang point to coffee bean, i also smiled at the baristas, and she offered me blueberry cake to go with my hot chocolate, although the blueberry cake doesn't really taste the bomb like secret recipe's cakes are, still, she smiled at me back and offered me to try the cake.

well, the interviewer was so cute, and to my surprise she is one year older than i am.so cute lah!
she was nice, polite and cute!
at least, she makes me smile for today.and im smiling inside out.

even if i didn't get the job and someone elses will do, i just feel that i want to smile for today and be as cheerful as i can...cause i just nailed a job interview!

the interview i went to is a publishing company which publish the graduan magazine.
i am so glad that i got back in the field that im suppose to become, that i had imagine to become when i was in school, that is in the editorial board.i would love for them to give that opportunity again.my background in the field:

1. the school magazine editor in chief
2.parttime graphic designer with best buds magazine
3.was in the mmu editorial board as a photographer

see, it was about editorial all along...i hope, i really really REALLY hope that the boss would hire me.nada said she would speak to the boss and will call later if the boss like it. but so far she said and i quote,"looks good".

speaking of the devil!
nada just called me, ni baru je nih...asking me to come for the second interview with her boss!!!
dear god, please let me get the job..aminnnn....
this is good rite? i mean a second interview?

okay, im just gonna walk in to the office tomorrow and smile.
and nailed it like i did just now.
okay, okay, stay calm..you can do it harim...*tarik nafas, lepassssss* ok.smile.

let it be this big happy and warmth smile with funny hairdo......or

just a cute yet classy smile....just smile.happy smiling everyone!



M.N.Izman said...

Gud Luck!!!

harim hamdan said...

thanx!btw, got the job oredi..huhu..my first ever job after school..huhu