Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nick of Time!

with cousin elly

kicking our feet to the right!

throwing our hats high on the sky!

and much higher!

the three musketeers...before heading back to our respective hometown...sob sob..

this lovely lilies are from my tia n maksu

this lovely daisies are from noni dear

this graduation cake is from my little cousin sophia

receiving scroll from cancellor elly..kekekekek

and we finish it off by kicking again to the left!

i'm searching for some articles to do a proposal for master which i need to submit tomorrow as tomorrow is the deadline for the um scholarship scheme.

i should have lots of time last week, but with all the mess and confussion that my aunts made (regarding on the freelance job i'm doing for her), i couldn't find any time to do the proposal. (tapi sempat pulak aku update blog :P)

oh, i haven't officially tell u guys about my plan of continuing my studies was all too sudden..the decision..macam tak percaya pun ada..tu tak nk ckp tuh, tapi looks like it's gonna be real now as im applying for the programme at 2 universities of my choice..(can't decide which one!)

so i'm still crossing my fingers, hoping that it will be true, and no obstacles along the way for the application.insya allah....doakan saya ye kawan2...
after i finish fill up all the form and proposal, kene tolong maksu pulak for tia's invitation card bday party and the butterfly wings for the children nanti..budak2 zaman skrang dasat...ada invitation card,etc, party is held at novotel hotel..dasaat tuu...zaman aku dulu, buat kat umah je, panggil sedara mara datang pun pakai tepon..hehe..zaman da berubah ye tak, kene la up to date kot..nanti aku ada anak, nk invite pakai tele-conference lah...gempak skit!
tia has a theme for the party, theme dia barbie mariposa...nnt later after the party, ill upload the pictures's gonna be fun and havoc! budak kecik je ada dekat 10 orang..oh my oh my!
as for this weekend, im going to malacca with my girls.
a weekend trip, tribute to our lovely aishah as she's going away for spain to do her phd.lucky her rite? and a genious too!
ntah bile bule jumpe balik as she'll be pursuing her phd for 3 years there..
she help me a lot with my quest of doing masters...gud luck to u babe and thanx so much for the help u throw at me!
ini minggu, kite ronggeng kat sana k! kita merdeka sana! yayyy!!
in the meantime, here is the picture i had promised my cousin elly.and some more pictures of me and my fwens a day after the convocation ceremony at the main entrance of mmu...throwing our graduation hats up in the air! ( i think there's a term for it and not hat)

take care for now everyone!



LC said...

perhhhh.. your mom betol2 sgt suwit and lawo and looks so young lar.. .. dan saye sgt jelesss!! huwaww!! .. nak ade jugak dlm tussss!! .. >< .. eh wheres kak sha n her twin?

harim hamdan said...

haha...yeh, everybody said dat..ada org kate ktrg ni adik beradik..

tu la ari tu mu kerje kan..tape2..kak sha blk cepat ada interview ptg tu, kak aira tade.