Monday, September 22, 2008

My new toy...

ok lah, its not really that new like hot from the oven, just arrive kinda has been around in town for like almost a year i think...but it's just arrived in my make up collection a few weeks ago!wuuhuuu...thanks to maksu dear, i got myself a benefit..

ye la, kite ni mane la macam setengah orang yg mmg afford membeli brand2 ni...celah gigi je bayar kot! nevertheless, im grateful that i got it.luv u maksu! tapi bak kate tijani,"kakak harim share dengan kakak baiti ok!" aye aye captain!

so, the next time im on smokey eyes, its benefit that helps me...cewaaahhh!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

and the Breakfasting went terrific...

(from left: ujang,hani,sabrina,faten,mawar,aishah,fiza,ogy,a.j,farah,sara)
(not in the picture:harim,daus,fatin,aina,baby rania)

yup, it went well alright!

although not many turned up...(we targeted 30 pax) the event went crazy and great...biasalah, bile da kumpul2 ramai2 cm tuh, lame pulak tak jumpe, memang la sume menggila! haha...

at first, ramai yg in between, not confirm and one fine day, me aishah and aj sat down and called up budak2 ni yg sangat manja ok (bak kate aj lah kan).
barulah terus bagi jawapan derang nih..hahaha...abih gak la prepaid kami!
aishah said and i quote "besh jugak handle event2 ni...jom kite bukak event management nk!" ...hahaha..mengong la minah tu...i know, handle event mmg besh..mcm it gives u a power of responsibility, its a new experience all together, from calling people, surveying place, etc...well, maybe one day, we will open our own event management...who knows..

anyways, all of us arrived just in time.
lame tak jumpe kan, ckp pun ala2 bising gak lain agak2 memandang2 ke arah kami tapi who cares...heeee...

as for the place, let me mark it out of 10 lah k.

environment & decoration:10
food:6 (most of the food are not really tasty, terlalu masin, masam etc)
servis:7 (they would get a 8, but kakak tu tak bagi potong kek lagi...ade ke patut, nasib baik ada abg cute potong kan for me!)
price: 7 (the price is more paid for the environment and deco lah)
overall: 8

to those who came thank you so much from the bottom of our guys rock!
to those who couldn't make it, hopefully kite jumpe masa raya k...

and fyi, mohani is trying to make another breakfasting event tomorrow at santinni klcc...price rm39, buffet local and western food..lets reunite and have a blast!

more pictures at my friendster page!

selamat berpuasa!


Thursday, September 04, 2008

To My Dear Puterians

Dear friends,

You are cordially invited to the first ever Puterians Breakfasting Reunion Gathering.
You can bring along your spouse or friends or even your children...after all, the more the merrier. Below are the details:

Place: KL International Hotel
Date: 13.9.08 Saturday
Time: 6.30pm till 9.30pm
Price: RM55 per pax (adult) babies and toddlers are free of charge
Contact person: Harim 0166023131\Aishah 0126922863

Please RSVP before 7.9.08 (sunday)

We are looking forward for your participation in this reunion gathering.Do spread the invitation to the others.
"Lets reunite and have a blast!"

*this invitation is open to all Puterijaya alumni/ex-student especially those in class of 2001/2000/1999/1998/1997

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Selamat Berpuasa!

Dear beloved fwens,
Happy Fasting through out the month of Ramadhan...semoga kita semua mendapat keberkatan pada bulan yang mulia ini...aminn.....

It's the second day of ramadhan, and i only can fast tomorrow :P

finally finally, i got to eat the popular desert pavlova. me and my girls went to delicious at kl for deserts. it was funny though because earlier before, we had our lunch at secret recipe and we walked from sogo to delicious, which located nearby klcc.that was shocking but great! in a blink of an eye, we step our feet at delicious door.
i love the over looking open style ambience. really calm and laid back.seriously laid back...

it is delicious! no doubt!

we were surrounded by all size of cushions .i wonder what it would be like if the cushions is in pink is okay too, but pink is better! i would come there 4 days a week!

aishah ordered a brownie and ice mocha latte..while aj ordered the signiture drink, death by ice chocolate which taste smooth and so chocolatier!

after a meal at secret recipe, aj decided that she's still hungry and she ordered the mushroom soup! seriusly, this girl really knows how to eat!

this is the lovely cranberries chocolate pavlova...i've been watching nigella lawson's preparing the desert over and over again on her taste yummy!next up, im gonna try the meringue at delicious with my desert buddy..heeee..

me aj and aishah are planning a gathering for puterians class of 2000.we are still looking around for place so it suits everyone budget. if you guys have any suggestions, pls feel free to drop me a line. we're looking for rm50ish, klang valley area, cosy but meriah!

okay lah, im off for now.need to fetch nikki from school and off to klcc sony center to buy his psp. the best part is, he is using his own money for the psp...something that he can be glad off for a 12 years old kid.gud job kiddo!

take care everyone and selamat berbuka puasa!