Thursday, September 18, 2008

and the Breakfasting went terrific...

(from left: ujang,hani,sabrina,faten,mawar,aishah,fiza,ogy,a.j,farah,sara)
(not in the picture:harim,daus,fatin,aina,baby rania)

yup, it went well alright!

although not many turned up...(we targeted 30 pax) the event went crazy and great...biasalah, bile da kumpul2 ramai2 cm tuh, lame pulak tak jumpe, memang la sume menggila! haha...

at first, ramai yg in between, not confirm and one fine day, me aishah and aj sat down and called up budak2 ni yg sangat manja ok (bak kate aj lah kan).
barulah terus bagi jawapan derang nih..hahaha...abih gak la prepaid kami!
aishah said and i quote "besh jugak handle event2 ni...jom kite bukak event management nk!" ...hahaha..mengong la minah tu...i know, handle event mmg besh..mcm it gives u a power of responsibility, its a new experience all together, from calling people, surveying place, etc...well, maybe one day, we will open our own event management...who knows..

anyways, all of us arrived just in time.
lame tak jumpe kan, ckp pun ala2 bising gak lain agak2 memandang2 ke arah kami tapi who cares...heeee...

as for the place, let me mark it out of 10 lah k.

environment & decoration:10
food:6 (most of the food are not really tasty, terlalu masin, masam etc)
servis:7 (they would get a 8, but kakak tu tak bagi potong kek lagi...ade ke patut, nasib baik ada abg cute potong kan for me!)
price: 7 (the price is more paid for the environment and deco lah)
overall: 8

to those who came thank you so much from the bottom of our guys rock!
to those who couldn't make it, hopefully kite jumpe masa raya k...

and fyi, mohani is trying to make another breakfasting event tomorrow at santinni klcc...price rm39, buffet local and western food..lets reunite and have a blast!

more pictures at my friendster page!

selamat berpuasa!


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