Monday, September 22, 2008

My new toy...

ok lah, its not really that new like hot from the oven, just arrive kinda has been around in town for like almost a year i think...but it's just arrived in my make up collection a few weeks ago!wuuhuuu...thanks to maksu dear, i got myself a benefit..

ye la, kite ni mane la macam setengah orang yg mmg afford membeli brand2 ni...celah gigi je bayar kot! nevertheless, im grateful that i got it.luv u maksu! tapi bak kate tijani,"kakak harim share dengan kakak baiti ok!" aye aye captain!

so, the next time im on smokey eyes, its benefit that helps me...cewaaahhh!


1 comment:

Mr N Mrs |mran said...

you sure will luv it :)

be pretty!