Sunday, October 05, 2008

5 days of Hari Raya...

Day 1
9.00am: Woke up (feeling so cold :) it was a very breezy nice Raya morning, even the KL skyline
looks so clear from the kitchen)
2.30pm: Mandi sunat Hari Raya (ye, saya mandi lambat pasal sgt sejuk!)
5.30pm: Arrived at Mak Lang's house in Shah Alam (Uwan was there, and all of us gather there
to see her)
8.00pm: Off from Mak Lang's to Sunway Pyramid to see the amazing Hari Raya celebration
there with lights, ketupat hanging on the trees etc. We went lepaking at Gloria Jeans
Cafe, relaxing from the Raya eve madness from preparing the rendang to tiding up the
4.00am: Finally went to sleep after i felt better from asthma due to tiding up the house, the dust
was really thick i tell u.

Day 2
8.00am: Woke up with bad headache due to lack of sleep
10.00am: Drove to Perak for a one day trip for Hari Raya
1.30pm: Arrived at Bota Kiri (visited kubur tok nyang, went to Atuk Syed's house, attended a
wedding *ada ke org kawin on second raya*, visited other ancestor's graves, went to
Opah Wah's house, a quick stop at Atuk Syed's new house *sgt lawa okayyy, dpn
lake!*, off to Ipoh to meet the rest of Mama's family
6.30pm: Arrived in Ipoh
10.00pm: Went to Starbucks for a drink before go home *sebenarnye Pak Andak saje je bwk
ktrg g minum2, dgn harapan ktrg stay for one nite kat ipoh...tetapi tidak berjaya :P*
11.30pm: Drove back to KL
2.30am: Slept 'uncomfortably' at the highway
6.00am: Continue journey to KL
7.30am: Arrived in Shamelin
**wait for a post on Highway sleep over experience :D

Day 3
12.30pm: Woke up late
2.30pm: Get ready to visit Mak Uda in Bangi
4.30pm: Off to Bangi
7.30pm: Drove to Alamanda for food and window shopping
9.30pm: Drove back to home

Day 4
8.30am: Woke up
4.30pm: Went to Pavilion for stock check on Kirana's Hari Raya clothes which had went craazzyy
hot items in Parkson since Ramadhan. We brought in 79 pieces clothes and the previous
stock check stated only 32 pieces left including baju melayu.Crazy rite?
8.00pm: Meet up a friend for dinner and on the way for dinner, I bought a cute little Powerpuff
Girl dress at Parkson Sg Wang for Raihan, my cousin, a quick stop at Jaya Jusco to buy
photo album and Desa Pandan to collect the pictures i sent earlier for mama.
9.30pm: Had dinner at Kopitiam, Shamelin *sgt tak sedap*
10.30pm: Arrived at home
11.30pm: Me and my sister google-ing for recipes for Uwan and Mak Lang's family Hari Raya
visit. Plus the girls belom pernah sampai rumah ni, we decided to do a brief Raya lunch plus requested by the girls :)
1.30 am: Went to bed

Day 5
7.ooam: Woke up
8.00am: Shopping for groceries at Tesco for the Hari Raya luncheon
9.00am: My sister started cooking and i started to clear up the house
12.30pm: Pick them at JJ Tmn Maluri as this was their first time coming over.
1.00pm: Luncheon begun
2.30pm: Play make-up on Eli *mcm masa kecik2 pulak*
3.00pm: Nanim showed Eli how Flap Jack is done * she baked it okay and we waited for it to
4.30pm: Took some photos before Mak Lang and the gang went back home.
5.30pm: Took a nap
7.30pm: Went to Bkt Bintang with mama
9.00pm: Minum at NZ Tea Garden at the corner of KLCC, besides British Council *pricey for a
mamak's place and yes, this is the same NZ in Setiawangsa besides Carrefour tuh,
yg ada yummy chicken wings tuh..yum yum!*
10.00pm: Arrived at home
12.00am: Im here, updating the blog still...heee...

**those time stated above were not the exact time. I couldn't remember la berapa minit sume, so i just assumed it to be like that okie.

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