Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bon Voyage Karaoke Party for Aishah

She's in Spain already. I received her message through friendster at around 3am on Friday last week..and I confessed, I did cry when she was about to walk in the departure hall... :(

Tapi Aishah, just like how i know her, cool je maintain!
cis, tak aci...aku pulak yang risau dia kat sana...
I wonder what she's been up to now..her class starts on the 16th if im correct.

I've known this woman for many years now.we went to the same school, lived nearby and to sum it all, it has been 16 years of our friendship...wow...that's long right?
16 years la aku dah kenal ko shah...16 freaking years!! gilee aaa...
zmn sekolah rendah maybe aku start kenal ko in darjah 4 right? or earlier? i think darjah 4 okay kot..so da 3 tahun..
campur dgn 5 years of high school..da jadi 8 tahun...and from tahun kite finished high school sampai now, another 8 years...so its 16!

kite patut buat jubli emas party of our friendship la when it reach 25 years...bukan lama tu..lagi 9 tahun je...huhu...

aj pulak kejap lagi, 2 more days to be exact, will be away for awhile, training with the Agensi Anti Dadah...and aku sowang2 la kat sini, yang tak buat ape lagi..bak kate fiza la kan, " ko tu bukan ape, nnt kan kwn2 jalan2 ko da nk pegi da...tu yang ko cm tu tuuhh.." lebey kurang la fiza sound aku. :D

memang betul pun, i just notice it.
tu pasal, tomorrow im goin out with a.j for karaoke session...weeeee...sayang nye aishah tade..and all my girls yang lain, tapi mereka kerja kan, so tape la..

owh, and i just realize that most of my friends are already married and starting a family!
i was at Elly's Suprise Bday Party cum Open House (which yours truly spoiled the suprised by accidentally open up the big mouth talking about the birthday cake in front of elly! well, it was a slightly brain confussion...i blamed apai partially for my mistake..huhu)

The girls there on that night were either with their babies or pregnant.
Saya dan Faten saja yang datang lenggang kankung seperti orang tak kisah bile nak kawin :(
The scenario that night was pretty scary..as in, nape aku tak masuk lagi ke next level of adulthood. But as I keep reminding Aishah of our "Mission and Vission" responsibility, i know that its not my time yet.
i might be 25, and i know the biological clock is ticking, tapi nak buat cam ne if im not ready for marriage or commitment. i haven't quite achieve my dreams and goals...

plus, i want to commit with someone whom i love dearly.
i haven't find him yet...
and he hasn't find me...
or maybe like elly (another elly, in mmu) said, "maybe jodoh kita dah diambil tuhan"
yeah, siapa yang tahu kan..
mungkin yang betul2 ada depan mata sekarang ni bukan jodoh kita..mungkin jugak dia lah jodoh kita..
it's just like a puzzle, a big puzzle in our life.

oh well, if ada rezeki, i'm going to further study.
kalau murah lagi rezeki, lepas further study terus dapat kerja.
and kalau ada pulak rezeki yang melimpah ruah, dapat kumpul duit dan buat apa yang patut, for my family first, for myself....
dan kalau semua da tercapai, dan jika jodoh da sampai, kahwinlah aku!
kita hanya mampu merancang, tuhan yang akan tentukan segalanya :)


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