Thursday, October 30, 2008

Calling all Nine West lovers

If u are a fanatic Nine West lover, I suggest that you head up to Tangs, Pavilion right now!
Yes, i mean right now girl! go, go...


I adore Nine West design on their shoes, superbly fine cutting, with fabulous style.
Went to Tangs yesterday with my girlfwen.
Those Nine West shoes were still there since i saw them the day before saliva was drooling just by looking at those gorgeous shoes. I haven't own a Nine West just yet, that is so sad of me kan!?
The price was affordable for shoes like that. starting price was from RM169...or was everything at RM169.

shoes that i remember was there in assorted image for a better view

Everything was there, pumps, stilettos, flats, wedges, platforms, you name it.
Unfortunately, my girlfwen couldn't find any that suited her needs...and i on the other hand was out of budget..oh well.
Still,i did get my eyes twinkling on some of them, the goldish glamour sling back stiletto, the hot pink pumps, the sexy silver sandal (between the orange pump and black flat, no 2 box below the upper left), i just need to stay in budget this time ;)

Eventhough, i did buy a black polka dot heels from Studio.
and now my guilty concience is eating me alive :(
i am thinking to sell it at rm30.retail at rm37.wore it once after i bought.i'll upload the picture soon.but whoever interested, lemme know and i'll send the picture right away.

I need to save up for Benefit sale tomorrow..
remember, we have an important day tomorrow, the Benefit Sale at Hilton PJ.
don't forget that.

my girlfwen, whom i became naturally as her personal shopping advisor yesterday, had bought lovely wedge from Martina Pink.
I've googled Martina Pink but to no results on the website whatsoever.
I have my eyes on the pink wedge since the first time i saw it, which was a few months back.
Retail at RM169.
So yesterday, the wedge drop at RM67 or girlfwen bought the black polka dot wedge, although, she was eager to get the pink polka dot which i love dearly...tskk tskk,but she decided in the end that the black one is much attractive. i love you faten!

I know, its not like i'm gonna buy the pink polka dots wedge anyways, i'm in my budget right, and actually, i'm okay if she even buy it, but i feel much better that she didn'

oh and she bought that, and a red polka dots from Martina Pink too, yeah, yesterday was all about polka dots :P , and a bag from MelAccesories.

okay, times up.
need to get ready for my work.
i'll upload the pictures soon.

in the meantime, watch this cute & funny TVC!

take care peeps.


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