Saturday, October 25, 2008

Harim's nyum nyum spaghetti!

left: harim's nyum nyum spaghetti right:roselle drink

upper left: hot dog bottom left:blended onion+garlic+cili api right: yummy veggies

upper center: me eating bottom left:adabi sos tiram bottom right:the spaghetti in the bowl

Yes, i fried spaghetti last 2 nights.

I felt hungry after chatted with Eli.
Actually, I was going to read the book first when my stomach vibrating.
So i decided......... to cook!

I remember wishing my dear sister already cooked before she left for work, while searching for raw items in the freeze.
Too bad, i was just day dreaming, and i need to cook something to eat.

I had sandwich for breakfast and for the day before.
So decided that i had enough of sandwich and bread.
I saw some boiled spaghetti in the freeze.

I ask mama how to cook it.
I admit, saya bukanlah perempuan yang pandai memasak...but i do try it once in a while
Mama said macam ni macam tu macam ni...and in a blink of an eye...i already hold knife to chop some veggie. I want to add the meat, but it was too frozen and i don't think it can be defroze soon. My stomach demand something, pronto!

So i take the hot dog that i found under piles of cold bloody tupperware.
tuhan saje yang tahu hot dog tu dari tahun bile...ngeh ngeh ngeh...

I chop here and there, make them into small pieces...and tadaaaa...
Harim's nyum nyum spaghetti is ready to be eaten!

nighty nite!
sleep tight :)



M.N.Izman said...

saya da sorang hous mate yg pndi masak spaghetti gak..huhu
best best
bila nk bagi sy rasa lak?

harim hamdan said...

nanti when we see each other again, i'll bring you my nyum nyum spaghetti okay..hehe