Saturday, October 25, 2008

My first Metrojaya Warehouse Sale ;)

okay, i'm so excited that i need to blog this now!

As i told noni that i was so broke that i didn't think i would buy anything at the metrojaya warehouse sale, i just bought my first Stila today.
Thank god that i drag my mom there anyways, just to window shopping as i thought it would be.
We went there after sending my sister to work.

hmmm...ramai orang...
gile ramai...
everyone was crazy!
the place was crazy!
i looike ;)

The security guy put our big handbags inside the plastic bag
*note to myself, and everyone who luvs to go for crazy sales like this, bring only your purse and wear sandals or flat shoes...
I was on my pink stripe wedge, and seriously, i was about to fall couple of times from the pushing and pulling.

Me and mom got a few items on clothing, an east india turquoise blouse for rm36 (retail price rm129), a sash from east india for rm16 (retail price rm59.90), an orange sandal from east india for rm17 (retail price rm89.90), a top from east india for rm29 (retail price rm89.90). but that was before i found the cosmetics and perfumes section!

Everyone was queing up to enter that section, and no shopping bags allowed!
now you tell me how crazy that was :0
it was funny though, that once the security guy raise the yellow string that hold us from entering the section, everyone went hurrily into the section before the security put the string down again.. lol :D

I was like Alice in Wonderland.
everything around me was perfectly in great price and i got just the thing that i wanted...
as i found the Stila counter...i wasted no time...
I took the Stila Tinted Moisturiser at RM50 (i was looking for my usual tinted moituriser from Loreal but to no avail, i found one, but the none tinted and it cost at RM33, i might as well add couple of bucks for Stila)

Then, i decided that i should try the Stila Retexturizing Scrub at RM30 (i have finished my scrub, so i guess it's a good choice to get that instead of Stila moisturizer as the promoter approached me to buy the moisturizer as well. anyways, i got my tinted moisturiser for outdoor use)

The last stuff i bought from Stila was the Stila It Gloss at RM30 (it's for my sister. before, she wants me to find the lip glaze in cameron diaz color, unfortunately, that color finished, and i had to take the It Gloss as it has a perfectly blushy color for her ;)

I walked around again and i found my lovely cheek cream blusher from elianto at RM3! (retail at RM5)
Mama had to follow this one nice lady when she saw her discontinued foundation stick from maybeline inside the lady's shopping basket...i can't believe mama asked the lady where she got the foundation!
The lady pointed the place and to top it off, she gave mama her foundation as she had find something else..
Mama was the proud owner of the last foundation stick there.

As i was crazy grabbing here and there, suddenly i realized that my budget was RM100 :P ,
I had to choose, the baju or the Stilas.
of course i choose the Stilas...

I had to return back the lovely top from east india and the sandal (its slightly big for me anyways). Mama still got her turqoise top and I noticed that the sash really wants me to take her home :P
okay, i'm the one who really really wants it...
So my splurge for today:

East India Sash = RM16
Stila Tinted Moisturizer = RM50
Stila Retexturizing Scrub =RM30
Elianto Cheek Creme =RM 3

Total =RM99

Still in budget!
and RM1 for an energy drink which i forgot the name.
Sales really makes you good in math, yes?

The sale is still on until this coming monday.
Please go peeps, if your nearby. Unfortunately, today is the last day for cosmetics and perfumes section. I know! not fair right....i only learned it today too, as the emcee announced it. I guess, i got so so lucky :)

But not to worries, i'm sure you'll fine clothes and other stuff too like bedding stuff, periuk belanga pun ada, blanket, curtains etc.Reject Shop, East India, D'urban, Somerset Bay and many more.

here are the pixies for my sweet sweet, readers and friends.

The lovely East India sash

The Stilas

The Elianto cheek cream


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