Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pavlova and Jcard

see see, my 10 stickers! oh and on the right is baiti's chocolate mango pavlova


i'm so excited that I just collected 10 stickers for the Treasure Mother Nature campaign card from Jusco. It entitles me to a 100 Jcard point! now, isn't it amazing?
you collect yourself free points while shopping while doing good deeds to mother nature at the same time..its 3 in 1 good thing!
althought the points were donated by my dad and sister, still, i got the part where i contribute to mother nature ;)

my sister baked a pavlova yesterday.
so niceeeeee...
the lovely and yummiest pavlova i've ever taste! well, i only taste 2 of it though, one at Delicious and one is this one my sister baked :P
eli owe me her pavlova!note to myself.

the one i ate at Delicious was a bit crispy inside out and too sweet.
the one my sister baked was so nice, that its crispy outside, but so soft in the inside.and not too sweet too.
so i don't really know what pavlova should taste and be like.but i do like my sister's.

as just now after i was done with groceries at jusco, i found a polka dot pinkish tie!
it was so lovely...and you know what pop out from my mind...kumar!
as most of you might have not known, kumar is my sister's guy best friend.
they've been friends since high school and the friendship started with hatred...no kidding! kumar said that there's one time, my sister threw flour or was it water to him.yeh, that's my sister.
dangerous XD

anyways, kumar told me last night at his deepavali open house, that he just landed himself a job in january, right after he finished his studies. i was so happy for him.kumar is really brilliant.he even applied to do PHD soon, which means he's skipping the master part.that briliant!
*check out your local universities if you intend to do phd and scores high pointer for your cgpa or grades in degree. you could jump straight to phd without bother to do master*
so, i thought, the pink polka dot tie would be a great present for him.
oh, kumar is a usual guy but loves pink, britney spears, gossiping, stuff like that ;)

can't wait to give him the pink polka dot tie.



elly said...

Nyummm..mcm sedap je pavlova ni..buatkan tuk saye leh?

ary said...

Hoh I pon ada like 2 very close guy friends who make wonderful bitching companions hahahahaha. Coolness!!