Thursday, October 23, 2008

Today and yesterday...

I woke up at 7am today and get ready for work...just to show the road to maksu, she need to send the baju to utusan malaysia at jln chan sow lin.
i told maksu i know jln chan sow lin, but only when i take the train :P

now i'm home.
(i work tonite at makteh's as she has her book club ke ape with her girlfriends today..da comolot da dia ngan si linda & jeslina tuu...haiiyaa)

i called A.J a few times on the ride back home.

aku nak lepak rumah ko la babe

but she didn't pick up the phone...sakit kepala kot..aku datang kang lagi parah dibuatnya..hehe...
so, i decided to just go back home.
i know i know..i have to climb the stairs...yeah..up to the 9th floor.IT WAS TIRING!
this morning me and my sister go down by the stairs, and the lift still not working by the time i got back.
dear mr management,
please please please do something with the lift both of the lift are not working today... and the other one has been rosak since last july! 3 FREAKING MONTHS! best wishes, smiling tenant
(is the letter okay for a surat layang??sarcastic tak when i sign off?hehe)
i read over arwahyarhamah sara aziz blog.
she was a sweetheart. through a stranger eyes like me.
i can also see her pain but, from what i read, she was a very strong person.

a really really really strong person.

it's sad that i haven't got a chance to get to know her.
and to know her when she's already gone
her family and friends must really feel the lost.
semoga kalian semua tabah menghadapi dugaan Allah SWT.

she's a great photographer. i learned it through her work.
she's a great daughter & friend. i learned it through her words.

Al-Fatihah, to dearest, Sara Aziz.
her blogspot
her xanga

and today,
I'm supposed to do some reading for my proposal...
Ms Koo gave me like 3 ideas on the topic.
i'm more to social topic in e-learning.but of course, i might not have the chance to apply for RO if i pick the topic...

btw, my batu pahat trip was superbly fine!
check out noni's facebook for more are some.



candylips_izy said...

thanx for dropping by dearie..
wut a nice blog u have here too..

candylips_izy said...

me at desa cempaka..
near STAR boardin skul.. small the world isn it..?