Sunday, November 02, 2008

Benefit's California Kissin' Lip Shine for SALE!

SOLD i thought and pondered..

im selling off this fabulous Lip Shine California Kissin' at rm40.
i thought i had enough of lip care/stuff and that this one doesn't do any good for me ;)
and i know deep in my heart, that i will get another gloss from Anna Sui's sale eventhough i've promised myself that i will only get the perfume ;)
so lettin' go this one, and save the money for Anna Sui's gloss.

let me know if you are interested.

i went for a jog this morning.
it's been a while since i do my regular exercise, since bulan puasa *sigh*
i woke up early today, had my subuh prayer, and i said,"bum, u need to get a healthy treatment today dear"

live in Tmn Shamelin is great.
there is a park just a minute drive from home, Jaya Jusco Tmn Maluri for 5 minutes drive, Starbucks at Menara PGRM for just 5 minutes drive ( i luv hanging out at M.PGRM Starbucks because the place is huge and comfy, compared to the one in JJ Maluri, it's a bit cramp and noisy too), 10 minutes drive from Bkt Bintang (thanx to the new flyover!), 13 minutes drive from pasar...

so after i've done with my jogging,i went to 7Eleven to buy bread and egg for a simple and quick breakfast.i was on the way back home when my mom called, asking me to buy breakfast at the pasar...the scrumptious traditional malay breakfast of nasi lemak!
i thought...hehe
my simple diet breakfast of egg and bread was spoiled by the plenty of choices, from nasi lemak kukus, to nasi kerabu, to nasi dagang, to tosey and capati and roti canai and laksam some more...

i had to have one.
and so, i had this tasty nasi kerabu with solok and ikan goreng on the side.
fyi, eversince i lived in kampung pandan, me and family had been the loyal customer to this makcik whom selling nasi kerabu, nasi dagang and laksam.only this 3 meal.
she only sell it on sunday.
she has a sister, whom also sell nasi dagang and nasi lemak...the sister on the other hand, open her stall everyday except for monday.
if you lived nearby at the pandans area (as in desa pandan, pandan jaya, kg pandan, tmn maluri, etc) you should try the nasi kerabu.go there on sunday morning, the makcik sell it under the stairs, once you enter the place, you'll see her, together with her husband.oh its at the kampung pandan pasar.

above left, nasi kerabu, the clean and clear banana, and neslo for drink

and have you seen banana skin so beautiful and clean like this?
i know i havent!


p/s:i feel pity with what happen to abby abadi know with the khalwat stuff. just watched Melodi.i hope she can go through this with strength and dignity. things happen for a reason, you're just too good for him babe ;)


Anonymous said...


when is anna sui nye warehouse sale?
nanti inform kat kak linda k...

mish u...
take care

much lurbe

harim hamdan said...

dunno yet wen.
but ill txt u once it confirm..dun wori!

anyways, did u went to the fj benjamin sale? i got my the watch i always wanted ever since i lay my eyes on it at amazing slash price!


Anonymous said...

yeah i went to the fj benjamin sale also...
giler tak hingat dunia. hahahaha..

i loike...

i like the lasenza pink g-string of yours...

if i want to buy, how ya?

do sms kak linda k.