Monday, November 24, 2008


my dear friend man had chosen my blog, The Polka Dots of My Life as one of the best blog he's ever seen/read. wuuuhuu! weeeeeee
thank you thank you!
so, now i need to choose the 4 blogs i think the best/crazy.

here it is:

1. mylittlepwincess by shashue/tia - although dah lama tak update, still, this little pwincess is so adorable ;)
2. a learner for life by lily
3. bite me cullen, bite me by bitingbitee - okay, pompuan ni tengah gile twilight, so mind her
4. not yet a woman by ellyezani - unfortunately she had close her blog to private view only.

so there you go!

thank you for the award again Man! i feel appreciated.really.


hugs n kisses,

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