Sunday, November 23, 2008


my sister had just graduated with degree (hons) of journalism.
well done!
she did it with flying colours and i'm so proud of her.

her of becoming a journalist was an irony story.
it was me who always wanted to be a journalist/reporter/presenter.
and my sister on the other hand was interested in architecture.
she took LK during her school days and i wrote poems and stories.
i made an effort to enter competition, went on to casting.

but i remember, i wrote a lot.

there was one time, i wrote a story about my life and my friends.
it was printed on a 80ish pages of A4 papers, clip together with stapler and masking tape to make it prettier.
i distributed it to friends and family.
friends were thrill to find their names in it.and to read about our life on real printed papers.

i really really wanted to live my dream.
and so i've applied for mass communication in uitm.
first application was rejected.
and i was devastated.
i went on to a nearby college for studies, and i applied for second intake.
instead of an offer for mass comm, i was offered for business study in machang, kelantan.
again, i was completely sad.

i finished my studies in science com for 3 years at the college.
i didn't want to give up my dreams.
again, for the third times, i applied for degree in mass comm.
unfortunately, history repeat itself, and i have never gave in, when i applied for the second intake.
but, during that time, my heart was torn into 2 courses.
designing and journalism.
i developed interest towards designing when i studied science com.
a very dear friend responsible for the interest i had gain.
i applied for MMU and UITM.

Allah had answered my prayer.
i was offered a course in MMU.
i was so excited, happy, thrill, proud when i got the offer.
then i know, journalism is not my path.
it is my sister's, and she really did well in it.

and i, went on to designing.
i'm glad i've made the right choice.

as for my sister, she is a real talented, story teller.
for every things happen, lies a reason behind.
perhaps, i will never achieve of what she achieve now.

my sister, is now working with The Star (newspaper) as cadet journalist.
Baiti Hamdan is my sister.


and just to let u know, 'meh' is a new word added in the Collins English Dictionary.
Meh = an expression of indifference or boredom, or an adjective meaning
mediocre or boring.
Examples given by the dictionary include "the Canadian election was so


i went to yazid's play at taman budaya last night. the theater was called "Petua Perkahwinan"
it was fun to watch him on stage, as a chef.
i gave him a bouquet of roses afterward and glad that he liked it.
i like the main girl character, she was better than some of our local actress.seriously.

take care.


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