Friday, November 07, 2008

Gud nite peeps..thank you for stopping by.

my gud fwen pokdah from had an accident with a big giant lorry.
she's in bad condition that she had to go under surgery. but i am so thankful to Allah that she's still here with us today.
syukur alhamdulillah.
we went to the hospital to see her, and waited until 8.30 for her to come out from the surgery.
we waited and waited...
and tears burst out as soon as we see her helplessly on the bed, while the nurses pushed it to the x-ray room.
her right eye were swelling from the accident and she couldn't open it.
nevertheless, to have her survived from the car-lorry crash was a miracle that we could not answer, and that it is Allah's mercy to bless her and survive.
we love you so much dear.
i whispered to her that she had to be strong, to go through all of these, and she nodded under the oxygen mask.
me and a few fwens will be visiting her tomorrow.
no more tears tomorrow.
smiles and laughter for sure!i want her to see us smiling for her...and i want to see her smiles too.

today is my 4th day of crimson wave.
the first and second day were heavy flow. the third day was about the same too...
and today was slightly lighter, yet, i still had to get myself clean every couple of hours.
it was like bloody hell!
exactly...bloody hell.

on the first day, i can't really move...not exactly what i would experience everytime it's that time of the month. as i was bloody hell.
but yet, i still went out for lunch at BSN stall-foodcourt and had the most amazing kueyteow soup ever.yummy.i haven't had it for almost 1-2 years.and still, i managed to walk to klcc to get the money that wafa had bank in for me as my little wage of the previous photography job i had with her.i was expecting the money she put in, and to my surprise there was an extra 500 bucks in my account.
was it from my dad?
from someone who owed me??
oh, it's my refund money from mmu :P
i'm the happiest girl in the bank that day!

the second day, i went out early from the office to visit pokdah, and the stories as the above.

the third day, i thought i wanna go to lowyat to purchase my new arrival hard disk.
ooo yes, they had replaced my hard disk, finally.after much of anticipation and arguments, i got my new hard disk.
unfortunately, again, it was already 730pm by the time i leaved office.
it was impossible for me to get there in time.
and so i had dinner with a friend and that was when my teeth/gum hurt again.

i went to see the dentist today.i had enough of pain already.
turn out to be there was a big hole on my wisdom tooth.
the tooth didn't grow like any other tooth and stuck on my gum and a part of it had touch the nerve and i feel pain wherenever food stuck in the hole.
huge hole!
for quick solution, i had it plaster.
but still, i need to have it remove by going under a minor surgery.
for that minor surgery, it will cost me at a freaking rm700!

i know.i cursed too.

but i do have other option, do it at government dental clinic.way way way way far far far so far away cheaper.
friends recommended me to go there, the one near kotaraya.

i barely ate anything today,manggo yogurt for breakfast to prevent food stuck in mouth until i see the dentist, peach yogurt after see her as i had difficulty to chew the pastry bread i bought, and a pastry bread and toffee late drink for dinner.
and now im hungry, and im just too lazy to go to the kitchen..i guess, i just want my tooth to have a rest for today.

after work today, i walked all the way to lowyat for the hard disk casing.
and on the way, i stopped by at tang just to see if my martina pink polka dot wedge had a further reduction.sadly, it's still at the previous price i saw...i know rm67 for a pair of wonderful wedge is cheap compared to the original price at 160++, but i just couldn't make it as my-number-one-things-to-buy-at-the-moment list.
and so, i walked out of the store and headed to morino kaze aromatheraphy at piccolo galleria in bkt bintang. the banner outside the building was tempting the first time i saw it a few weeks back.
i had a back massage for 30minutes. cost me at rm22.
i wanted to tell you further of what happen there, but i think it's not necessary ;)
i love the massage, the environment, the calmness and energy that i gained.perfecto.
only that, don't ask for number 19
request for her, and you know what i mean.
oh, the receptionist girl was girl, smile.

the climax of the day, was when i finally purchased the hard disk casing i've been meaning to buy at a very good price.
this time, i bought the good quality casing, which has based support for the hard disk.and so the salesgirl told me..
the price was okay.i still have some cash for bra purchasing tomorrow (budget is rm50-rm70), for paying debts, and for my daily used.

oh well.

i spent 30-40 minutes on the phone with a dear friend in ipoh :D
i wanna talk to that someone in batu pahat too...but we have different phone lines.text will do good right darling?

i need to force myself to finish up the proposal.
i will finish it up next too tired and too busy with work this week.
but i'm giving all my time for proposal next week.i can do it.

and last but not sorry for not having any pictures for this entry, sorry for bothering you with lines and lines of words...haha..not my style, but i'm just too tired to search for suitable pictures.pms.blame that ;)

gud nite peeps.
thank you for stopping by.


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