Saturday, November 01, 2008

Its Benefit Warehouse Sale

Benefit for me and mom...wikuwiku ;)

The benefit warehouse sale was on 31.10.08-1.11.08 at Hilton PJ.
I went there twice, yesterday and this morning.

I got these stuff below:

1. Betty Brush Set

2. Her Glossiness - lip gloss

3. Lyin Eye - eye concealer

4. Creasless cream shadow - eye shadow, eye highlighter, eye liner at the same time

5. Californian Kisses Lip Gloss (which has minty taste and it makes your smiles brighter..isn't it fabulous?)

yeah, i only got 5 items as i want to save up for Anna Sui's Warehouse sale.
i really love the Maybe Baby perfume though...was it me or the perfume really lasted long eventhough its an EDT.
i sprayed it on yesterday, and the smell still lingered until i got home that night and when i got there again this morning, i sprayed it again, and i just came out from shower, but i still can smell the perfume...just a tiny bit..hehe..

i didn't buy it cause as usual, im out of budget for this sale.
i hope Anna Sui's is not going to disappoint me. The perfume range are much bigger. And for that, i only need to buy just the perfume.


thank you benefit for the fantastic deal! you make my day, 2 days of it... really ;)


1 comment:

Miu said...

woah nice pics!!

my aunt bought 6 brush set

i bought 8 lol.