Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My shoes.

i know that everyone have their fave shoes.
those where you can wear for dinner...the glitz and glam for partying and clubbing..the formal black shoes for office wear...the simple sling back sandals for everyday use...the cute little pumps for outing and etcetera etcetera.

these are my collection that falls in the fave category.along the way of being an adult, i have fall in love with shoes.and handbags too -i might do a post on my handbags ;)
some of them were gifts from friends, some i bought for certain occasion and some were just that i really2 like.

i really regret that i missed the nine west sales.
that's what you have to face when you are jobless.right?
if i have the money at that time, i would take 5 pairs of it...seriously no kidding!

i bought this because i've been longing for pump shoe .love the material and color.

this was a gift from syima on my birthday.

this one was my convocation shoe. adore the ribbons on top and the satin material..really makes me feel exclusive.

pardon the dirtiness :P this one caught my eyes as it was the last pair at the curve flea market. i bargained for it. i love it, it has cushion effect.

this was a gift from elly on my 23rd birthday. i picked it myself.i love the polka dots.cute isn't it?

i've fallen in love into pink sandals too.
but most of them had to be thrown away as it tore apart.
when i have my fave pink sandal, i would wear them until it can't be worn anymore! so, no wonder lah all my pink sandals are not long lasting :P

the martina pink polka dot wedge was cute too!
but i did the right thing by not buying it.
i tried it on, and it's not really a comfortable shoe. so.

i'm off to bed now.
will be dreaming of the nine west shoes.
pity me.

take care everyone.


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