Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy holiday!

I'm going to JB for holiday. yippie!
and off to Pahang this weekend for my besties wedding.

I'll be getting this (refer picture below) Little Black Book top soon..soon enough! guess how much I'll be paying for this lovely and stunning top..teka teka ;)

All i want for Xmas are: (like someone would throw this stuff right at my face lah kan :P )

1. Maybe Baby by Benefit
2. i want my Forever 21 Eiffel Tower necklace back. someone took it from me and never return it back :(

something like this, but much prettier, much classier, in black with rhinestones.

3. Pussycat Dolls Live in London DVD (yup, I've watched it on YouTube, but it's not a complete video.

4. a return flight ticket to Bali / Capri Island

Bali, Indonesia
*picture credit to

Capri Island, Italy

5.i want to try Christmas Dessert for this holiday..where can get, where where??

okay, the font is still in italic although I've changed it to normal.

i got the hook of Twilight too.
blame my sister.she pass this Twilight madness. check out her blog and you know what i mean. today, she came home and proudly said, "i just made the 6th time"...watching the the cinema.
i luv the part where the cullens went out for baseball game with Bella.coolness.

Wafa gave me her JJ bday voucher for a makeover session with Sheiseido :D
I had my first makeover session with Clarins the other day. the beautician thought me how to apply eye shadow the right way. it's really simple actually.

the makeover with Clarins was not supposed to be a makeover session.
i got a voucher entitled for a free eyebrow shapping, hand massage and sample of the skincare product at the first place. but once i book the appointment, and step at the counter, they arranged me with a makeover session.

i had a J.Lo look that day, smiling till my ear :D

okay, it's already late.
i should be sleeping now. long drive tomorrow.



Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Im having head-ache.

My 12.30pm appointment with Clarins, Parkson was cancelled, like always, 'she' would be fashionably late.dressing up.

Thanks to ms jocelyn, i have my appointment re-scheduled again at same time, tomorrow.

After the appointment, I'll be heading to Guess outlet at the second floor to help a friend cut out his watch strap to his wrist size.

Then, i'll be heading to a place of what i called, home :D

Will be concentrating for the proposal.yes. the one i have said thousand times that i've been meaning to finish it :(

It is so hard.
to just sit and do it.get it done.

I've watched Twilight for the second time today.
and it was my sister's 5th times.i know.loca she is.
she's a twilighter, so i guess it is her duty to watch it as many times as she could.until she got sick and puke. he he he..

Oh well, im off to bed now.
I'm running some errands tomorrow and might need some extra energy.
Btw, I'm letting go of a Guess watch for ladies.
click at Pink Wardrobe, my sale blog for more info.

nighty nite everyone.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Welcome to Pink Wardrobe!

the moment of truth has arrive...

with love, i present you, my own sale blog Pink Wardrobe ;D :D ;D :D

me and my sister decided to do an online sale blog after seeing my blog being cramped with sale items :P
sister is only sleeping partner, but in charge in editiorial/writing part as i in charge with others. i like!

i'll place the link under hot sales section.

remember this link bookmark that address okie peeps!

i'm so happy, and glad, that finally, i have my own sale blog!


don't forget to visit Pink Wardrobe!


Friday, December 12, 2008



i have several pre-loved + brand new + branded items to let go...

will post them soon enough.

maybe next week?

next week will be fine right, for you guys to wait?


i just have to finish up these thing i've been meaning to do.and just get it done.

so is next week okay?


keep yourself glued to my blog until next week ya!

bye bye!


Saturday, December 06, 2008

Selling my warehouse sell items

I admitted that I've been blinded by all the warehouse sale happening all over in KL.


Nevertheless, i still managed to only buy items that i needed and not want.
Still, when the price slash really really low, suddenly you become an impulsive buyer, yes?
and after that your guilty conscious hit you right on your face! toinnk!

because of that, i have several stuff i'm letting a very affordable price and best of all, brand new, original item, have never worn by me or anyone else ;)
the price is slightly markup fyi.

Item number 1: Authentic Guess watch

Item number 2: Lasenza G-String

Lasenza G-string - bought at the FJ Benjamin Sale - if you notice, i've pulled the labels off because i washed them, BUT HAVE NEVER WORN it(not hygenic lah okay) - i noticed i have too many g-strings in my collection so im letting go off these - selling it at RM28 for all 3pieces / rm10 per piece - for 3pieces purchase all together, will give too the lasenza paperbag - size Grey (M), Stripes Pink (L), Polka Dot Orange Pink (L)

Pink/Orange polkda dots SOLD

Item number 3 : Adidas socks

Adidas socks - bought at Adidas warehouse sale - brand new, labels still attach - free size - selling it at RM28 for all 3pieces / RM10 per piece - store retail price around rm15 to rm18 each

All 3 socks SOLD