Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy holiday!

I'm going to JB for holiday. yippie!
and off to Pahang this weekend for my besties wedding.

I'll be getting this (refer picture below) Little Black Book top soon..soon enough! guess how much I'll be paying for this lovely and stunning top..teka teka ;)

All i want for Xmas are: (like someone would throw this stuff right at my face lah kan :P )

1. Maybe Baby by Benefit
2. i want my Forever 21 Eiffel Tower necklace back. someone took it from me and never return it back :(

something like this, but much prettier, much classier, in black with rhinestones.

3. Pussycat Dolls Live in London DVD (yup, I've watched it on YouTube, but it's not a complete video.

4. a return flight ticket to Bali / Capri Island

Bali, Indonesia
*picture credit to

Capri Island, Italy

5.i want to try Christmas Dessert for this holiday..where can get, where where??

okay, the font is still in italic although I've changed it to normal.

i got the hook of Twilight too.
blame my sister.she pass this Twilight madness. check out her blog and you know what i mean. today, she came home and proudly said, "i just made the 6th time"...watching the the cinema.
i luv the part where the cullens went out for baseball game with Bella.coolness.

Wafa gave me her JJ bday voucher for a makeover session with Sheiseido :D
I had my first makeover session with Clarins the other day. the beautician thought me how to apply eye shadow the right way. it's really simple actually.

the makeover with Clarins was not supposed to be a makeover session.
i got a voucher entitled for a free eyebrow shapping, hand massage and sample of the skincare product at the first place. but once i book the appointment, and step at the counter, they arranged me with a makeover session.

i had a J.Lo look that day, smiling till my ear :D

okay, it's already late.
i should be sleeping now. long drive tomorrow.



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lili said...

kak arem!! .. ade adiah balet holidayy.. kak arem kene tag! weweweweuuuweuu