Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Im having head-ache.

My 12.30pm appointment with Clarins, Parkson was cancelled, like always, 'she' would be fashionably late.dressing up.

Thanks to ms jocelyn, i have my appointment re-scheduled again at same time, tomorrow.

After the appointment, I'll be heading to Guess outlet at the second floor to help a friend cut out his watch strap to his wrist size.

Then, i'll be heading to a place of what i called, home :D

Will be concentrating for the proposal.yes. the one i have said thousand times that i've been meaning to finish it :(

It is so hard.
to just sit and do it.get it done.

I've watched Twilight for the second time today.
and it was my sister's 5th times.i know.loca she is.
she's a twilighter, so i guess it is her duty to watch it as many times as she could.until she got sick and puke. he he he..

Oh well, im off to bed now.
I'm running some errands tomorrow and might need some extra energy.
Btw, I'm letting go of a Guess watch for ladies.
click at Pink Wardrobe, my sale blog for more info.

nighty nite everyone.


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