Saturday, December 06, 2008

Selling my warehouse sell items

I admitted that I've been blinded by all the warehouse sale happening all over in KL.


Nevertheless, i still managed to only buy items that i needed and not want.
Still, when the price slash really really low, suddenly you become an impulsive buyer, yes?
and after that your guilty conscious hit you right on your face! toinnk!

because of that, i have several stuff i'm letting a very affordable price and best of all, brand new, original item, have never worn by me or anyone else ;)
the price is slightly markup fyi.

Item number 1: Authentic Guess watch

Item number 2: Lasenza G-String

Lasenza G-string - bought at the FJ Benjamin Sale - if you notice, i've pulled the labels off because i washed them, BUT HAVE NEVER WORN it(not hygenic lah okay) - i noticed i have too many g-strings in my collection so im letting go off these - selling it at RM28 for all 3pieces / rm10 per piece - for 3pieces purchase all together, will give too the lasenza paperbag - size Grey (M), Stripes Pink (L), Polka Dot Orange Pink (L)

Pink/Orange polkda dots SOLD

Item number 3 : Adidas socks

Adidas socks - bought at Adidas warehouse sale - brand new, labels still attach - free size - selling it at RM28 for all 3pieces / RM10 per piece - store retail price around rm15 to rm18 each

All 3 socks SOLD



elly said...

wohhh...siap jual g-string.. hebat!!

harim hamdan said...

tu la, mase membeli tu kan, men amik je kan, pastu baru pasan.

Anonymous said...

hehehe...biasela tu harim...
bile da rambang mata kan...macam tu la...
mase kak linda pegi ari tu, panties biase da abes..takde lansung. i didn't get manage to buy 10 g-string at a once. banyak sangat rasenye.
hehehe...what i love most is the sleepwear and the bustier.

harim hamdan said...

tu laa..kite pun share ngan maksu kite gstring tu..mmg bnyk 10 sorang.kalo panty biasa ok la kot...