Monday, December 15, 2008

Welcome to Pink Wardrobe!

the moment of truth has arrive...

with love, i present you, my own sale blog Pink Wardrobe ;D :D ;D :D

me and my sister decided to do an online sale blog after seeing my blog being cramped with sale items :P
sister is only sleeping partner, but in charge in editiorial/writing part as i in charge with others. i like!

i'll place the link under hot sales section.

remember this link bookmark that address okie peeps!

i'm so happy, and glad, that finally, i have my own sale blog!


don't forget to visit Pink Wardrobe!



Anonymous said...

wow! congRAts dgn pemBukaan.
and gUd Luck!!

harim hamdan said...

thanx juls!
link la kak harim at ur shop.i'll link urs to mine too ;)