Sunday, December 13, 2009

My 3 Lovely Ladies

my mom, my maksu, my tok pon


Friday, December 04, 2009

Lips Are Turning Blue
  A Kiss That Can't Renew
I Always Dream Of You
 My beautiful

Friday, November 27, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

Dear Families, Friends & Readers,
Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha, wishing you the best


GoodSkin-Woman's Weekly Magazine Workshop

Me and Faten decided to go to the Goodskin-Woman's Weekly Magazine workshop since it's free and I was seriously interested with the brand and it's eye product.

The event was held at Garden Cafe in One Utama, I looove the ambience!
It has garden theme ( obviously, the cafe called Garden!) and the arrangement of the set was so perfect and beautiful. There was the make-over section, workshop area and dine area.

I liked the food too, not too heavy, just nice for breakfast, oh well, we got carried away when we also found eating after the workshop :P

The whole event was great...I enjoyed the talk, which is quite faster than the previous workshop I went with Clarins. I don't really like those long talk, slide shows you know. All the assistant were helpful too and gave us more details on how to apply the product, why, what and etc. The hands-on session was good.

Then there comes the ending part, where we were given each a goodie bag, comprising a deluxe size sample or was it the actual size of Good Skin Soft Skin Creamy Cleanser for dry skin, sample of Smooth 365 (its a serum), and a sample of Tri-Aktiline Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler and a RM50 voucher off for any product purchased that day. We were also told to do our make over if we want.

Faten was thinking to purchase GoodSkin Eyliplex-2 which suppose to do treatment for wrinkles and dark circles. After using the RM50 voucher, the total of the product become RM145. It was tempting, as GoodSkin claimed to be the best in treating dark circles and what not. During the workshop, they also that their product can be used for sensitive skin. They have testimonial from their customers who have sensitive skin that said their product was great.

Unfortunately, after Faten used it, she got reaction around her eyes area. She felt itchy, pain, the eyes were swelling, the skin around it like being pulled and it created wrinkles...I didn't see her till after a week from the workshop, and her eyes were still in bad condition. We went to GoodSkin Midvalley kiosk to get refund.

I will post a picture of Faten's eyes.


Sunday, November 15, 2009



 everything was perfect and blossom beautifully. I miss that.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ini, Kerana Esok...

mata tentang mata, 
berguguran bicara, 
kata demi kata,
merubah tutur jadi rasa...



Sunday, November 08, 2009

Mother and Daughter Night Out

After the Girls Day Out me and my bestie had last weekend, I decided to treat mom the same.
She already told me that she wanted to watch Michael Jackson's This Is It at the cinema. And so, as a good daughter I can be, I took her to Pavilion to watch it.

I used my Digi Priority voucher, where I got 2 movie tickets at the price of 1!
Incredible isn't it...that's what you got for being loyal to Digi...they upgrade my status to Digi Priority Customer a few months ago.
Looking forward whatever in the box for me soon :D

Talking about This Is It documentary movie, me and mom were laughing and smiling all the way in the cinema.
Michael was a genius.
The documentary movie prove it. A down to earth person, care for the environment, and most of all, a loving person.

Mom suggested a Girls Day Out with maksu and Tia soon.
Yes, maksu pun nak tengok This Is It!
Tia? no comment.LOL...

I've change this blog layout. Plus, I have also upgraded the blog to the new setting. I have been blogging since the past 4, 5 years, and I get used to the old layout and style. Now, I wanna try the new setting blogspot had offer me long time ago. I love the colour and the design (paisley!). I'm crazy about pasley, but mom is crazier about it...
This layout gives me a more relax, calm, grown up look but still sophisticated. Perhaps, I might change my blog title too?
No more polka dots? I love polka dots. Crazy about it... polka dots are cute...but at the moment, I need change.
How about, "Harim....the blogger"

I'm just wondering, how can I show my 2 followers on this blog?
Ye, follower saya ada 2 orang je! :P cute izit
Thank you so much for being my follower  ;)

Please advice


Monday, November 02, 2009

Girls Day Out

I'll talk about the new office soon...I'll post pictures too perhaps? ;)

I enjoyed the Girls Day Out my person and I had yesterday. We haven't really see each other that often, therefore, this Girls Day Out idea burst even though it had to go through a lot of obstacles/cancellation along the way.

Not much of photos too. Just a few of these.

the yummylicious baby octopus

EY's toilet

Kliq Hair Salon, Wangsa Maju, KL

What we did? Lots!
  • Breakfast
  • Hair makeover
  • Stop by her office
  • Starbucks
  • Shopping for Saree!!! :D (almost buy, didn't look good, cancel the coolest idea evah!)
  • Shopping for guitar! :D (Sukami brand from Sg Besar?? LOL...will look for others that suits the budget and good quality brand)
  • Hungrryyyyy (went dinner for Sakae Sushi! Darling treated me with Sakae for my ever glorious result..haha..thankie2)
  • Groceries at Tesco
  • Movie (cancel because both were too tired!)
  • Home sweet home
I always love Girls Day Out.
We used to have it almost every month when we were in MMU...all of us, the whole gang!

We organized a successful Hari Raya Potluck party previously, looking forward for the New Year Pot Luck Party!
And more Girls Day Out with the gang...

take care sayang-sayang semua *hugs*


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Calling all Parkson Elite Card Member......

Yes, you read it right.
For any purchase storewide (any amount, any stuff at Parkson Pavilion), you are entitled for those freebies!

I'm smiling. I am Parkson Elite Card Member... thanx to dear Vina!
I'll be at the door at exact 10am of course!

Other promotions Parkson throw is this below....

Also a stealer for SJP fan, or you might get it lesser at warehouse sale?


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jessying's Birthday Giveaway

Jess , is a very down to earth, cheeky and happy go lucky person. Well, that was the first thing I learned about her when we first met.

Not exactly sure where at when we first met, I enjoy her accompany everytime we met.
Still, I'm sure the crazy Stila sale that has brought us together.

It's her birthday today and she's celebrating the first 100th post in her blog. This post here is definitely dedicated to this young and cheeky girl. She's organizing a contest in conjunction of those 2 events. Click here to go to her blog.

To enter the contest, I already be Jessying blog follower and need to answer this question in less than 30 words :
When you read my blog, what is the one object (things/persons/animals) which reminds you of my blog and why ?
Definately Pink Candy!! The layout are surely pink and the content are really fun and enjoyable to gives all the emotion of happiness just like when eating candy!

Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!
Hope you have a blast day!!


Clarins Sample from MYC

In my recent post the other day, I told you guys that I got Clarins sample inclusive of Pure and Radiant Mask, Serum, Hydra-Matte Lotion. I got to redeem these samples with vouchers that I found in the MYC magazine. Remember the magazine that I was in for the Loreal Purezone Contest? click here and scroll down.

The thing with this magazine is that, it is not for sale. It is a complimentary copy where you can get at your nearest Starbucks outlet, student lounge at colleges and universities and other hanging out place that is most dominate with teenagers/ young adults.

Eventhough I saw this magazine at MMU Student Station magazine shelve last week, I didn't actually got the copy where I redeem Clarins there. Instead, I got it from somewhere else, where I'm supposed to borrow it...heeeee... It was more of a desperate attempt to get the samples. You will do the same thing right??

Well, if you want to redeem yours, I gave you clues already. STARBUCKS.

I have no idea that MYC magazine give away so many prizes and do a lot of contest!
Check this out!

Contest #1

Contest #2

Contest #3,4,5

Contest # 6,7

Contest #8, 9

Contest #10

I bet it is like this for every issue ;)
If you are a movie-goer, than you better get your chance of winning free movie tickets from this magazine. Click here, MYC magazine

Contest #10 is pretty much exciting and interesting. Sponsor by Clinique, all you have to is to email them your details and attach a fun photo of you and your girlfriends and tell them why you want Clinique to host your Tea Party with friends. Is that simple!

I'm sending my entry, hope you girls do too... If I win this, we are surely go for the Tea Party...definately!


Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday, sunday

Even if it's Sunday, sister still had to go to work...

We were out as early as 8.30am, driving to UM for my sister's assignment. As we reached at 9am, the organizer told us that the event will started at 2pm instead. And so, we strolled around the Bangsar area/Mont Kiara, killing the time.

There were these Breast Cancer Donation boxes placed with big giant cards for donor to sign. Well, that's me when I saw pink!
People are supportive judging from the amount of money in the boxes...
Donation of minimum RM5, will entitled you to take a pledge and sign on the pink giant card.

Pardon my bangun tido face

At around 1.30pm, we made our way back to UM. Fetching her again at 5pm after the PC's over, I had to send her back to her office in Phileo Damansara. While waiting for her to finish ketuk story, I decided to redeem the new found Clarin's voucher I saw in MYC magazine (where I got it, don't ask :P ).

And after around 8pm, fetch sister again from the office and back home fetching mom before we went to see my Auntie in Ukay Perdana for a quick dinner. Although right now my eyes are half closing, I still wanna blog about this..

Yes, tomorrow saya kerja ye.
OMG, I'm so sleepy...

This coming soon..maybe tomorrow before class I shall make the post.

Sekian, terima kasih


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sunsilk Glamour Party 2009

I am sooooo going!
click here for more info

For admission, you have to do this simple stuff:

Just purchase any Sunsilk products (any amount) at Watsons and entitle yourself to an exclusive invitation to the Sunsilk Glamour Party 2009 at Zouk KL on 24th October 2009.

Please retain your receipt and bring along your receipt to the party as proof of purchase on the 24th of October 2009.

1 receipt is entitled to 1 entry only.

Just right in time as I am looking for hair fall control shampoo because I do have bad hair fall. It's getting scarier now, I thought its natural that human's hair fall quite frequently but mine is so bad. I guess I just try Sunsilk Hair Fall shampoo first. The invite is tempting :P


Friday, October 16, 2009

Maybelline Simply Fabulous Finale

I got this Clinique Personal Makeup Workshop / Makeover when I redeemed for the Clinique Eye Cream just by showing my Lasenza member card. I made this makeover on the day I went to the Maybeline Simply Fabulous event. The s/a used greenish eye shadow on me, it's okay but not really flattering...nevertheless, I enjoy my makeover session as the s/a was very polite and really really nice. At one time, she even handle 2 customers without much neglecting the other. Good job!

Then after class, I went to the Maybeline Simply Fabulous Finale held at Euphoria Sunway. Me and Faten were just in time when we arrived.

We registered at the 'Contest Winner' counter and received the wrist tag. We were wondering if we going to get the goodie bag placed behind the counter...but the staff who attend to us only gave us the wrist tag...hmmm...she said that the goodie bags were only for Media and other guests, and not for Contest Winner because I already won Maybeline stuff.
Is that so??

Anyways, the event was overall exciting.
I gave full support to every contestant at the VVIP lounge/area. We got to see the whole event from upstairs. Nalin walked away with the grand prize. She did have the charisma and what it takes to win grand prize by just watching her walking on that stage and of course watching the whole episodes of Maybeline Simply Fabulous show ;)

Congrats Nalin!

Faten and I


spot anyone you know in the crowd, dear bloggers? ;)

I was out the whole day today...i'm pretty exhausted but still need to finish up some freelance work...speaking of which, Harim Photography is having new year promotion on wedding photography. Will post about it soon, wait for it ya!
And will upload pictures of the event too, file too big for now.