Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bkt Antarabangsa landslide

if im not mistaken, i did promise you guys in one of my entry that i will upload the bkt antarabangsa landslide pictures.

when the landslide happened, maksu and her family were asleep in their home.

i got to know the news when i reached home after a little jogged that day...we were worried if anything happened to maksu and her family so we called them constantly until she picked up the phone.

thank god they were alright..

a few days after the nature disaster, i help maksu to get some more stuff from her home. maksu and family were living outside bkt antarabangsa for more than 2 weeks.

these were what i saw during the day i went to bkt antarabangsa.

the landslide at the point of the arrow

Datuk Azmi Khalid came for a visit

the access pass for residents of bkt antarabangsa

the temporary new road to get vehicles to the other side of
bkt antarabangsa after the main road has been completely damage

residents were waiting patiently waiting for their turn to get out from
the other side of bkt antarabangsa

what i saw was surreal.
it made me realize that life is not about ourself alone. life is short.
life is unexpected.

my deepest condolences to the family who had lost their home and most importantly their loved ones in this tragic event.
al-fatihah to the muslims.

after we got on the road from bkt antarabangsa, we headed to kl and was using the usual road, jln ampang. and all of the sudden, we were involved in an accident. we were fine, but the car was not.
a car hit us from behind, and we hit the car in front of us...
went to the police station, and it was raining, and we were already tired.

damage #1

damage #2

the main damage was his car whom hit us from behind

well, there were some other damages with maksu's car.
and when we finally reached my home, everyone was too hungry and so we made salad and sandwich.uncle yue arrived a few minutes later and suprise maksu with a key....a car key...

despite of our adventurous journey that day, maksu got a new car!

what a day!


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