Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Joyful Holiday

As i promised...here are the pictures of my jolly holiday and weekends.
i'll put the entry one by one, according to the event/title.


my mom promised nikki a school holiday trip to anywhere in malaysia.
we planned to visit langkawi.it has been a while since we went there...although i went there 2 years ago, nikki hasn't got his chance to see the beautiful island.the heavy rain all over malaysia had make us cancel the plan, instead, we decided to see JB.
we had a 3 days and 2 nights stay.

we also went to see The Most Southern Mainland in Asia, Tanjung Piai, located in Johor.

i just simply love Danga Bay's laid back concept.one of the most beautiful place with ocean background i've ever seen.


i met syima at KTC (Kolej Teknologi Cybernetics).
i thought she was a chinese at first after seeing her...kak lup thought the same.
but with her fluent bahasa melayu, we doubt her as a chinese.and when she said her name was syima, we were even suprised!

we clicked eversince.
there were 6 of us... lyd cma nisha harim abby lubna.
if most of my friends are happily settling down, me on the other is enjoying life.
and i'm still searching, for everything ;P
and for that one significant other.

anyho' , went to Dong, Pahang for her wedding. congratulations, cma dear!


abang suggested we go to fraser's hill after cma's wedding.
i have never been up there. it was my first.i was our first, except for mama.
fraser's hill is just a tiny place that only worth it if you go there for a night stay...you might get yourself bored if you stayed there for a few nights.

it's not that cold anymore.
i don't know, i think i prefer cameron highlands more...genting is much better too. but i had fun posing for the camera..oh well, you know me ;)

the beautiful background view from up there,minus the cable wire lah, and the rooftop too ;P

maybe this can be a postcard??personal postcard perhaps!

finally, nanim has found 'her' forks. and look at how tall nikki is now

my mom insisted that we take a good picture in front of the famous fraser's hill clock

i know! this pix is so irrelevant with the trip, but the post box was so adorable that i had to make do of it


so, here are the pixies of our little 2009 celebration.
it's nothing extravaganza...just a warmth get together event.
hazida is now in sarawak, serving as a teacher at one of the primary school in sibu...all the best dear!we'll miss you...huhu..

may this new year brings the best light ever in our life.amiinn....

L to R: ana, ros, yours truly, ainil, hazida

while the boys tried their best to make this event happened...

...we decided to just sit and chill and eat and poss for the camera

and finally..they got something grilled...nyum nyum

look at how cute rania was...she's the youngest member of our group celebrating new year

that's my friend elly who is now 5/6 months pregnant, with her husband, apai

ainil lighting up the candles in the glass

us, on new year's eve, bbq-ing at bagan lalang beach

pardon the quality from some of the pictures as i shrinked the size using only Paint software. my sister's laptop had just gone under a serious format and fix up.no photoshop whatsoever at the moment.

i'm off now.
nighty nite angels.



rainz said...

wei...banyak aktivitie..tak ajak pong..heheh

Anonymous said...

siyesly, nikki dh sgt tinggi!

harim hamdan said...

harim to rainz:
memang kitorang nk ajak seramai boleh..kalo faten pegi, mesti dia da ajak ko..faten pun tade.tapi kalo ko nk dtg bole je..tapi tu la, tak teringat mase tu..next time k!

harim to bubbles:
yup..he's grown!
he's voice da tak somel cm dulu daa..da pecah daa..da tinggi! i mish my little cute baby brother!!

B said...

But mom, I still wanna live in Forks..