Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Our Little Ikea Outing

my ipoh mali girlfriend was in town last weekend.
i wasted no time...i called vi, elly and arpah for girl's day out.
arpah couldn't make it in the end as she had to rush to other place and elly was busy with moving her stuff to her new place at kg kerinchi.

ida fetched me at klcc after work..i was looking for a white gen-2 when she called me and said she was there.i couldn't see any white gen-2...she kept repeating,"sini sini sini"... and when she said she's in black car, then i know she was in front of me after all the time!

she drove her dad's hyundai getz.

after a couple of minute, vi arrived, and vi was as much puzzled looking for ida's gen-2 as i was.

we headed to ikea and arrived around 5 or so..

ida shopped for a cute tall wardrobe, a coffee table and 2 side bed tables along with quilt cover and etc. vi got herself a side bed table too for her laptop.i got myself a nice chic frame to go along with a special picture i'll develop soon as a wedding gift.

waiting for my ride..ngeh ngeh..

we worried if the stuff couldn't fit into the car.
thank godness we met a kind ikea staff whom helped us to load the stuff into the car.only god knows how heavy the wardrobe was.

ikea product made to fit your car nomatter how small your car is

we then drove to her new place in damansara damai.and the funny part started.
the three of us were full with sweat when we unloaded the wardrobe to her the stairs!
luckily for us that she lived at second floor, but still..the stairs were quite narrow and compare to our body size...we had to struggle pulling the heavy wardrobe up to the narrow

ida's home was lovely and spacious.
i'm sure i'll be spending my time there soon! and maybe we'll be organizing slumber party too...hopefully we are not too old for that ;)

after a while at her house, we drove back to kl for dinner.
on the way, we decided to call elly, if she could join us for dinner.she agreed and we fetched her at her new place.

we drove to arab or better known as al-rawsha restaurant at jln damai.
it was elly and vi's first time there. we had a plate of rice, chicken kebab and humus along with variety flavours of barbican drink.

quench thirst drink...go go barbican!!


on top of everything, my good friend yus, has delivered a baby boy early little adib!
yus, a.j and i went to smk puterijaya back in1996-2000.
congratulations to yus and iwan, may both of you become the greatest parents to little adib, the bundle of your joy...

Adib is sleeping so peacefully

look at how tiny are those little fingers...we were that small...amazing...

adib cried after yus tried to wake him up..ibu ni kacau lah

auntie harim loves you!

aunt harim, the proud mother, aunt a.j

2 more of my friends are expecting their first born.
Qing is due next month, and Ely due in 3/4 months more.

that's all for now.
take care peeps..


p/s:i want to go somewhere by the beach during chinese new year..any suggestion?


B said...

Abang Ikea sanggup pulak posing tu.

harim hamdan said...

abang ikea tak kisah laa..sebab kami somel2 belaka

Nonichan said...

darn!korg outing!!sdihnye tidak diajak :(