Monday, January 05, 2009

Welcome 2009!

before i write any further, lemme wish you, A JOYFUL HAPPY NEW YEAR!

so, how did you guys celebrate new year?
mesti meletup! huhu...

it was on Tuesday morning when this creative, fun idea hit me and i quickly text a.j, faten and apai about it.only a.j and apai replied my text.

they both said,"kami on jer".

they text others, and others text the others...and by the end of the day, there are 17 of us whom agreed to celebrate the new year with BBQ by the bagan lalang beach...aj, put the menu together, chicken, shrimp, kerang, potato, sausages and balls all for grilled. the side dishes are fried rice and salad. drink was oren longan.

the small new year BBQ party we handled was not as much fun and hip as those new year party around town, yet, it was as cheerful as any party was. there were some small fire cracker as the clock ticked 12 midnite. everyone was wishing everyone.

we even exchange meal with one another!

we packed things up around 2am, although we only got there less than 3 hours. thank goodness that it's dark and there were nothing much to do at the beach.if not, only God knows how we utilize those amazing hours during the day...we proved it at port dickson recently :P

i really wanna write more about my trip to JB, attending my good friend's wedding and spending my weekend to you guys.but i am really really super tired.and the pictures need to be resize.i promise i'll write in soon with pictures for you to see.

nite angels!


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