Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy B-Day Ely!

it was ely's bday on 1st feb 09.

i remember her first b-day with me...i forgot!
we were at our respective homes as the semester break almost ended, she text me on that day and wished me selamat hari was weird right?

never in my life had anyone wished me selamat hari wilayah.

the next week, we got back to school and life begun like usual as students. we were roomies back then.
a week after, she told me that it was her b-day, on the same day of hari wilayah...that's why she texted me, in hope to remind me of her b-day...huhu..u know me, i'm such a forgotful person.i had to bookmark my friends b-day in my phone calendar :P

well, now i will always remember her b-day as it is so easy to remember,
hari wilayah=b-day ely :D

and so, last two weeks, we threw her a big suprise party that she didn't know it's big...that everyone important in her life was there, besides her family lah...well not all, but those who came were some of her closest buddy in kl...

we celebrated her 26th at Tupai-Tupai restoran....en cam, izhar, yati and husband, arfah and husband and to name a few, were kind enough to share the happy moment with ely.thank you all.we were almost done when m.nasir and wife and some friends came to eat...but as always, we were shy to go up at him and ask to take pictures...ngeee..

the food was awesome, we had a real stomach full.

these are some of the photos, check out my facebook for more, and noni's and izhar's too.

and today is bart b-day.
happy birthday dear!

and two more weeks is ida's.
she'll be turning 25..

i found this picture on facebook, my friend tagged me. i look so different, skinny!
look look...i never knew they had this was taken during my orientation day in mmu.yup, that was me as freshies.

the one in the middle with red tudung...smiling, laughing ke ape..nape aku gelak sorang2?? sume orang serious je..hmmmm...
i barely had tummy! and now, my tummy is so goodness.
oh and on far right in black tudung is noni...maintain minah tu, ces!

okie dokie, i'll be off to the office this morning for a quick work and after that will be heading to the red box at sogo..yayyy!! karaoke time with my girlfriends.aishah is in malaysia for her engagement and will be heading back to spain end of this month.

i'll be her official photographer untill her wedding day...weeeeee...

i'll better get ready, my friend is on the way fetching me.


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