Saturday, March 14, 2009

One Life to Live photography contest

1st prize winner,picture of tia at the hospital, still smiling with her little superman sticker

3rd prize winner, pictures of vi,hani & efry at the cyberjaya park, after finished shooting mtv for our assignments.this was taken candid while they were goofing around.

me n my winning pictures. theme for the photography contest was "one life to live"

my first and third place prizes

the best thing of the day, from left in white top, nur izza, yb nurul izzah, harim izzati :D see the connection of our names?

my cousin eli asked me to enter this photography competition at the Red Ribbon Carnival event her college organize at tmn tasik titiwangsa today.

on wednesday morning, eli text me and told me that i won the competition, not only at the 3rd place, but at the 1st place as well.....sweeeettt!

went there this morning to collect my prize and met up with the rest of my cousins, ita, faiz, hafiz and izhar. ita end up buying kain for her convocation baju kurung. sangat cantik i tell was the indian silk saree....the color (ocean blue) really compliment her skin tone...and the design was a knock off!

i'm sure she'll look pretty in it :)

while we were waiting for the prize giving ceremony, never that we realize nurul izzah (wakil rakyat kawasan lembah pantai) was also there...she represent dr lo'lo' who couldn't come.and of course, we took a photo with the lovely pn nurul izzah who is around 3-5 months pregnant, looking at the stomach bump.

then we headed home after the prize giving ceremony.a big claps to the cyberjaya medical college for such an event, and boy, im proud of my little cousin,eli, whom i used to babysit when we were small at our kg pandan house while alang doing some house chores.she's the vice president of the event. patutlah busy sangat tadi.

well, as i promised, i already updated previous entry with the ida's bday bash pictures.

take care guys.


Monday, March 09, 2009

batu pahat wedding photo, ida's bday bash, vacation dream

hello guys.haven't update for quite a while...with story mory :)

i've been here, as usual with my usual stuff, everyday.

my good friend aishah is engaged to mirul, the guy of her dream.i've known aishah eversince primary school.
congratulations both. click here for her pictures.

last weekend, i helped ely with her photography job.
went to batu pahat for the 3rd time.
as usual, i couldn't leave bp without buying the famous and delicious nasi briyani power, my mom's favorite rengit coffee in packs and and noni had this weird habit that we had to buy bra whenever we went to bp, eversince cotton shop in bp mall gave the greatest offer.we bought like crazy.

as we went to bp again for the 2nd time during raya, the cotton shop didn't have the same offer like the first visit...we still bought some stuff from there though.
and so on this 3rd visit of mine. i had to buy brassier from the mall...and so i bought a purple bra from audrey :P

we took the pictures yesterday at pelican hotel.
ayu was gorgeous.

after we done, we went for karaoke and some window shopping, and we still have time playing the game at the arcade...kami racing kereta ye!
i won twice.sorry ely :P

we head back to kl today and arrived around 3pm or so.

right now i'm not that tired..although i had a long weekend.

i wanna go on vacation bad..nak pergi sabah boleh tak, i checked air asia just now, its rm77 for 2 ways flight in august.
that's quite cheap right.and tido rumah vi boleh tak?dapat jimat lagi.. :P
nak pergi bali, tak cukup duit..apatah lagi pergi capri island...sad, sad case.

oh, i have good news.
it arrived last weekend on friday.
it's so good that i'm not ready to share it here just yet, not until i am pretty sure of it, then i will announced to the world..huhu...crossing fingers, saying my prayers, please please god, let me pass this one, let me go further.amin.

and last last weekend, finally, we had a dinner bday for ida.
it was simple and cosy, just us.
and once again at tupai tupai restoran.
the actuall plan was at her home, but due to some unforseen reason, it had to be postponed and had to re-plan.
then i decided to try the rasa sayang restoran for it's dinner buffett. the buffett should comprising malay food, western, indian cuisine and oriental food.but when we arrived, it was far from what i had expected.
imagine, i only saw a lunch meal on the buffett area. nasi putih and some 8 types of lauk pauk.ridiculous!

we left the place and went to tupai tupai instead.
i ordered cuppies from maksu at sugarpink icing
it was delicious n decoration was cute..theme was, cats and football, pink and blue.

now i need to email the shopping critique to sell of my new bought Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual book...
whoever wish to buy it, its rm120, spanking new, 4 days old, i only read it through twice and the condition is like in store condition.prefer cod around kl area.

nite angels.