Saturday, March 14, 2009

One Life to Live photography contest

1st prize winner,picture of tia at the hospital, still smiling with her little superman sticker

3rd prize winner, pictures of vi,hani & efry at the cyberjaya park, after finished shooting mtv for our assignments.this was taken candid while they were goofing around.

me n my winning pictures. theme for the photography contest was "one life to live"

my first and third place prizes

the best thing of the day, from left in white top, nur izza, yb nurul izzah, harim izzati :D see the connection of our names?

my cousin eli asked me to enter this photography competition at the Red Ribbon Carnival event her college organize at tmn tasik titiwangsa today.

on wednesday morning, eli text me and told me that i won the competition, not only at the 3rd place, but at the 1st place as well.....sweeeettt!

went there this morning to collect my prize and met up with the rest of my cousins, ita, faiz, hafiz and izhar. ita end up buying kain for her convocation baju kurung. sangat cantik i tell was the indian silk saree....the color (ocean blue) really compliment her skin tone...and the design was a knock off!

i'm sure she'll look pretty in it :)

while we were waiting for the prize giving ceremony, never that we realize nurul izzah (wakil rakyat kawasan lembah pantai) was also there...she represent dr lo'lo' who couldn't come.and of course, we took a photo with the lovely pn nurul izzah who is around 3-5 months pregnant, looking at the stomach bump.

then we headed home after the prize giving ceremony.a big claps to the cyberjaya medical college for such an event, and boy, im proud of my little cousin,eli, whom i used to babysit when we were small at our kg pandan house while alang doing some house chores.she's the vice president of the event. patutlah busy sangat tadi.

well, as i promised, i already updated previous entry with the ida's bday bash pictures.

take care guys.



Miu said...

woah! can u post a close up on your photo? i think it's really special! i like it.. thats the first one with the kid with her hands coverin her mouth right?

nice blog btw :)

harim hamdan said...

i posted the close up version oredi.enjoy!

Miu said...

Oh that's really gorgeous the photos! no wonder u won 1st & 3rd place. I love them pictures :) u've got a talent there girl.

harim hamdan said...

thanx miu...
well, if u need any photography service, don't hesitate to contact doing freelance in photography :D

Anonymous said...

wow. 2 prizes.
congratssssss ;)

nice photos!!

Manager Kemat Hasan said...