Tuesday, April 28, 2009

makan-makan at ida's place

the other weekend, me and ida decided to do some cooking at her place...
we invited our friends for the makan-makan occasion, but unfortunately, everyone couldn't make it.
so it was only me and ida...

earlier before i came, ida had already cooked ayam masak lemak cili api and sayur goreng tempe.

i, on the other hand, cooked my famous ikan kembung rembus goreng bercili..nyumm nyumm..

we were so concentrate on cooking that we forgot to pose for the camera ;P
planning to do another masak-masak soon...and we wanna invite everyone.

anyways, that was the weekend where Vina (a lady i met at Stila KLCC) called me to update me with the stock up Stila KLCC having that day..i rushed back to kl and fetch my aunts, cousins, sistah and mom and we rushed to KLCC..
vincent, the Stila guy, was so nice to keep the make up case for me, that's how i got the make up case! weeee...

i heard tomorrow stock will come.
i'll surely be there after work!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Metrojaya Warehouse Sale 2009 update

although it said cash, credit and debit card...i had to admit i could''t present any of that at the sale anymore
cause i'm broke.
stila's new stocks will be coming soon and all i want is to purchase 1 kitten lipgloss that has vanilla flavour..i need to save money for it..

but nomatter how money-less i am, i still wanna go menyibuk at the last day of metrojaya warehouse sale.

but still, i was hoping that they reduce the fragrance prices, unfortunately, they didn't...sad..
well, they were some fragrance has been reduce but still out of my budget..i saw miss sixty fragrance,30ml for rm36..i think that's quite affordable but i didn't adore the smell.
there was mandarina duck shower gel at rm25 for men.
i saw a lot of burberry the beat fragrance going from rm120 to rm150.
narsico rodriguez for men set comprising the perfume and deodorant, was the only set on the table selling at rm100..it was rm20 much expensive from the one i bought during the previous metrojaya warehouse sale sometime end of last year.
i walked out the F&C section, empty handed this time :(

nevertheless, i helped to buy Crocs shoe for my sister
alice in grey for sister

Crocs sold at 40% discount from original price.
that's cheap man...this alice shoe was only rm84..

colourful Crocs for everyone!

there were also shoes from other brands in metrojaya like emanuelle

of course the kids were excited too. toys sold at as low as rm10...

tamagotchi sold at rm20!! freakin' cheap! i remember the retail price was around rm100-ish..my little cousin tia always wanted this thing, if only she was there, she would jumped with joy and rambang mata tak tau nak pilih mane satu...
i guess this stuff is the least favorite nowadays as there were a lot of tamagotchi even during 1 hour before sales ended.

these pen sold at rm10 for 10 pens + 3 free pens, meaning 13 pens for rm10 lah ;)

there were happy hour every half hour at different sections. like the picture below, that was the clothing section (can't remember the brand)..that guy was holding loud speaker to announce the happy hour..i think that section was the most happening happy hour evah!
the happy hour at curtain section starts from rm10 per curtain.mad crazy!

remember when i wrote about how Somerset Bay didn't really offers good bargain on my recent metrojaya warehouse sale post?
well, guess what, the price was still the same.
the white tunic long top was still at rm80-ish..
come on guys, it's the last day, if the white tunic long top sold at rm40 and below, i'm sure it's a sold out item by today.
not only the white tunic long top, everything was still expensive.

membazir je baju still longgok2 like this..even at 80%, no one could afford them

overall, the sale was awesome.
just that, us, as buyers, need to shop smart because some items sold here are slightly or much higher than other sales...and some you can get really cheap price like the tamagotchi, can make as bday present for kids!

perfumes here were fabulous.
just had to be careful with pricing, as they had increase the price from previous sale.

there goes, my 2nd time metrojaya warehouse sale report. click here to see the first Metrojaya Warehouse sale experience i had last october.

can't wait for the third one!


movie outing

i should have met aishah yesterday morning for the metrojaya warehouse sale.
she texted me that early morning and re-planned as she had to attend several kenduri kahwin.

nevertheless...our movie outing was still on as planned!

aishah fetched me and we drove to a.j's.
ana and am arrived a few minutes after that.we decided to go to pavilion to catch movie.
we had to take the 11.30pm show as the earlier one was almost full and the only seats left were the one near the screen...and so, we went to the food republic for food while waiting for our movie.

i love this jelly ice cocktail. it has this tasty zing flavour came from a mix of ice, jelly, fruit cocktail and a fresh squeeze of lime..
aishah was craving for waffle and she got one
a.j had mee jawa while faiz indulging into his ABC special
ana had an ABC too which she thought much more delicious eating alone..but here in the pix was her tasting a.j's mee jawa.

the movie we watched, the uninvited, was not that spooky but more to thriller psycho heavy movie i might say. there was some scary part, some ghost thingy kind of thing, crawling in the bedroom lah and what not...but i managed to get through all the scary scenes with my Zara's jacket over my head :D

i even went into the elevator alone at home from G floor to 9th floor..
see how brave i am now.hehe..

i just bought a new blue tooth adapter which cost me at only rm18.
this little guy need no cd installer as it is an easy plug and play device...making my life easier without having to worry if i lost the cd installer, like i did before.

my sister had won a lucky draw at the cleo's most eligible bachelor held at zouk. she won a handphone which later she gave to mom..mom's phone (3315) really need a major surgery..the battery always dead eventhough had been charged for one night, the button is hard to press and it's just too old..so mom deserved the nokia 1208.

sister also received goodie bag which comprising 3 bottles of oxygen line face product from nivea, maxis starter pack, pendrive 2gb flash drive, wimax drinking bottle, vouchers from bubba gump, jeans smith and stage, equal less calories sugar, a small sample bottle of aigner starlight perfume and maxis laptop skin.

its almost 3am now and i am really really sleepy..
off to bed now.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

my 26th bday dinner

my friends were kind enough to throw me a bday dinner party at flaming steamboat, sunway.
i love the meal there...variety..much more than tupai-tupai..but i think i favor tupai-tupai's tom yam better.


flaming steamboat offering, like i said, a variety dish to go with the steamboat at a very very affordable price, which is rm19.90+. and this include drinks!

unlike tupai-tupai, the buffet charges are not included drinks, and the drinks are pretty much expensive.for a jug of juice, it will cost at rm24 .. a jug of ice tea/ice lemon tea will cost at rm16..and a jug of chinese tea will cost at rm8 for both cold or hot.

flaming steamboat also offers the famous chocolate fonde, variety of ice cream flavors and kuih-muih for desserts.
i love the choices for seafood, there's many type of clamps, and i even took home the beautiful green clamp shells.
and the interior was cosy.

there's one thing that tupai-tupai should learn from flaming steamboat is that used electronic cooking gas.it's convenient, safe and easy to use for both restaurant and customers.

okay, enough of the restaurant review :P

back to the bday party..we (me, eli, noni and ida) arrived early at 8pm.
we waited for the others to come...but of course, we had to have something to munch..our stomach make so much noise, so we had the chocolate fonde and some kuih-muih to lapik perut. later, the rest arrived, and we started the dinner...
the hopeful..may everything i wish for this year, goes as smooth as it can be..

after dinner, some of us had to go home and some of us went straight to karaoke...karaoke jamban that was! :D but we took the extra large room and kamarul started to show off his alta ego as kamarul the male version of beyonce...huhu...

i thank everyone who came that night, wafa & bani, arfah & pet, noni, bart, kamarul and last but not least my 2 good friend, ida & eli who making the party happened!
luv u guys ;D


Friday, April 24, 2009

Birthday Gift

anyone wants to buy this for me as birthday gift?



Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My second Metrojaya Warehouse sale

as in this morning, i woke up early just cause my mom told me that the first 20 people at the Metrojaya Warehouse sale will get a rm300 vouchers.i didn't even bother to look at the paper cutting advertisement, and straight off started the car engine...while i was in the car, i looked carefully at the advert and realize that it's the TOP SPENDER who will get the vouchers...haihh, mom...

we went anywhere.....

the crowd was unbelievable, especially on a weekdays day!
the staffs started to distribute the blue canvas shopping bag.people were lining up for entrance...mc's keep on feeding crowd with information, what to do, what not to do inside there, what brand to expect etc.
it was 5 more minutes before the big entrance open...
as the mc's welcoming the crowd, and the crowd looks so much with anticipation (except for the dude beside me yang looks like macam tak tau di mana berada...hahah...hello, ur at the ultimate warehouse sale evah!)
and with the background song they played (OST Step Up, Show Me The Money by Petey Pablo) while the warehouse door slowly open up, waaahhh...kalah beratur panjang for concert!

during the queing outside the entrance

me and mom hurriedly walked to the Cosmetic&Fragrance section...by the time we were there, the que was still okay, but my line was being hold for less than 10minutes before they let us in...mom found Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely set for cheap price.that's her birthday present from me and sister, she said.
inside, queing for Cosmetic & Fragrance section

fragrance cashier counter

then we found J.Lo Glow & Marc Jacob body lotion at a very very affordable price :D
blissful ;)

from left, J.Lo Glow body lotion, Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely set, Marc Jacob Intense body lotion, and my ulimate purchased at Isetan, Stila Blanc Palette

we didn't really looked at the other section, as in clothing, home appliances etc. but we did make a stop at somerset bay, and to my suprise, it was still expensive...even 70% off, a piece of long white tunic is around rm80.
that is not a warehouse price..too bad..

we left the place with fragrance on our hands.
Stila counter was there too, products goes as same price at the mall counter. i prefer buying at the mall as you don't have to go through a sea of people, but still, there were palettes i haven't seen at the counter...so, pick your preference ;)

Stila counters...sorry don't have pictures of the palettes

after the sale, we fetched my sister at her work place, and off to PJ for lunch. we had lunch at Clove Cafe, owned by her friend's family.food was yummy, i had fish&chips (i luv the fish whereby they using fresh fish and not the fish fillet that you can find at supermarket), mom had laksa and sister had mee jawa. price was reasonable too.

later that evening, we went to The Garden. a good friend of mine gave me an Isetan voucher worth RM50...i wasn't sure what to spend on the voucher..clothing, shoes...i was planning to wait until Isetan sale.but later, i realize, i should spent it on one thing that caught my eyes recently, the Stila Blanc Palette..it goes at RM50, and it has 3 eyeshadow colour and 1 blusher. i love the colour of the eyeshadow, goldish brown, just what i'm looking for.
yes, i'm blissful :D

the goldish eyeshadows and the blusher.
p/s: eyeshadow colours look sparkling and gliterring like gold than the picture.

i also like this beauty from Stila. a dinner purse cum clutch set complete with make up.make up comprising Eyeshadow palette of 4 purplish shadows, lips n cheek convertible creme, mascara, cherry crush and one miniture illuminating moisturizer.at rm150, you can have it all

I'm selling this Stila lipstick off for RM25.the colour is in Emily.light brown.click on image to see colour.

nighty nite!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stila Closing down Sale

Stila is having a closing down sale starting end of last month if i'm not mistaken. They are not actually tutup kedai, i read at one of the affiliate website, they are refinancing Stila whereby they are taking back all their franchise outlets all over the world except for USA.

therefore, Stila is clearing up their stocks..i don't know how many items they got in their warehouse, but might last until next month perhaps?

i am not a Stila fan, well, i adore the packaging, suitable for their target market, even the elderly ladies are fans of Stila because of the packaging. but last time, the retail price was out of my budget.and so, i only adoring the products while passing by the counters, and tested the products sometimes.sad sad case.

and suddenly now, my friends call me the spokesperson of Stila..
i've been promoting Stila to all my friends eversince. not only my friends, but also my aunts and family. the weird thing was, i've been buying Stila for my friends and family but i have not bought anything for me.
until one day, i purchased the 2 tin cases (where u can make as pencil holder, cutlinery holder, etc holder) and one lips and cheek convertible colour. that's it. that was my only stila.
i still have a lot of make up from Benefit warehouse sale previously, i know that Stila is closing down and that they are giving crazy bargain but i'm on tight budget.

nevertheless, i had fun buying Stila for my friends.
for instance, i bought a make up set for my bff wedding.
it was a challenged as i had to put on a full set of make up for a budget she gave.
as a result, i bought her 1 Stila lipstick in Nicole, 1 Stila Eye Convertible in greenish colour, 1 Stila Lips & Cheek Convertible in Lillium, 1 Stila Mascara,1 Stila Hair Refresher Powder, 1 Stila Foundation and 1 Stila Backstage Beauty palette (which really suit her wedding theme, with the black rose n red casing colour)

-credit to Miu for getting me the BS Beauty palette-thanx dear ;)

and so on and so forth, i kept bugging my friends and family about Stila new stocks...i got quite a number of orders from them, and i am happily help them to purchase.

this noon , i was at Ida's.
we were lepaking and gossiping when Vina (one of the regular cust. at Stila KLCC) called me to inform that the accessories/merchandise stock has arrived. dat was thoughtful of her to do so..later, Vincent (the Stila guy at KLCC) called me to inform about the same thing.
he reserved some few items for me.
and i hurriedly drove back to KL.

the umbrellas, the mugs, the tin cans all there...and Vincent save me the last make up case..which i really really like...the ultimate purchased of Stila. thank you thank you thank you Vincent...as you all might already know, it's only rm50.
the casing is solid, and adorable.
spacious compartment.and convenient to take anywhere.
a limited edition item and a worthy!
it makes you feel like a professional make up artist, except you are the adorable professional make up artist with the adorable looking make up case :D

it's mine!now i can put all my makeup stuff inside.organise.

Me and my friends Stila

i still have a few more trips to Stila, to collect items on reserved.
hopefully there are still in stock cause i don't want to disappoint my friends.crossing fingers.