Tuesday, April 28, 2009

makan-makan at ida's place

the other weekend, me and ida decided to do some cooking at her place...
we invited our friends for the makan-makan occasion, but unfortunately, everyone couldn't make it.
so it was only me and ida...

earlier before i came, ida had already cooked ayam masak lemak cili api and sayur goreng tempe.

i, on the other hand, cooked my famous ikan kembung rembus goreng bercili..nyumm nyumm..

we were so concentrate on cooking that we forgot to pose for the camera ;P
planning to do another masak-masak soon...and we wanna invite everyone.

anyways, that was the weekend where Vina (a lady i met at Stila KLCC) called me to update me with the stock up Stila KLCC having that day..i rushed back to kl and fetch my aunts, cousins, sistah and mom and we rushed to KLCC..
vincent, the Stila guy, was so nice to keep the make up case for me, that's how i got the make up case! weeee...

i heard tomorrow stock will come.
i'll surely be there after work!


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