Sunday, April 26, 2009

Metrojaya Warehouse Sale 2009 update

although it said cash, credit and debit card...i had to admit i could''t present any of that at the sale anymore
cause i'm broke.
stila's new stocks will be coming soon and all i want is to purchase 1 kitten lipgloss that has vanilla flavour..i need to save money for it..

but nomatter how money-less i am, i still wanna go menyibuk at the last day of metrojaya warehouse sale.

but still, i was hoping that they reduce the fragrance prices, unfortunately, they didn't...sad..
well, they were some fragrance has been reduce but still out of my budget..i saw miss sixty fragrance,30ml for rm36..i think that's quite affordable but i didn't adore the smell.
there was mandarina duck shower gel at rm25 for men.
i saw a lot of burberry the beat fragrance going from rm120 to rm150.
narsico rodriguez for men set comprising the perfume and deodorant, was the only set on the table selling at was rm20 much expensive from the one i bought during the previous metrojaya warehouse sale sometime end of last year.
i walked out the F&C section, empty handed this time :(

nevertheless, i helped to buy Crocs shoe for my sister
alice in grey for sister

Crocs sold at 40% discount from original price.
that's cheap man...this alice shoe was only rm84..

colourful Crocs for everyone!

there were also shoes from other brands in metrojaya like emanuelle

of course the kids were excited too. toys sold at as low as rm10...

tamagotchi sold at rm20!! freakin' cheap! i remember the retail price was around little cousin tia always wanted this thing, if only she was there, she would jumped with joy and rambang mata tak tau nak pilih mane satu...
i guess this stuff is the least favorite nowadays as there were a lot of tamagotchi even during 1 hour before sales ended.

these pen sold at rm10 for 10 pens + 3 free pens, meaning 13 pens for rm10 lah ;)

there were happy hour every half hour at different sections. like the picture below, that was the clothing section (can't remember the brand)..that guy was holding loud speaker to announce the happy hour..i think that section was the most happening happy hour evah!
the happy hour at curtain section starts from rm10 per curtain.mad crazy!

remember when i wrote about how Somerset Bay didn't really offers good bargain on my recent metrojaya warehouse sale post?
well, guess what, the price was still the same.
the white tunic long top was still at rm80-ish..
come on guys, it's the last day, if the white tunic long top sold at rm40 and below, i'm sure it's a sold out item by today.
not only the white tunic long top, everything was still expensive.

membazir je baju still longgok2 like this..even at 80%, no one could afford them

overall, the sale was awesome.
just that, us, as buyers, need to shop smart because some items sold here are slightly or much higher than other sales...and some you can get really cheap price like the tamagotchi, can make as bday present for kids!

perfumes here were fabulous.
just had to be careful with pricing, as they had increase the price from previous sale.

there goes, my 2nd time metrojaya warehouse sale report. click here to see the first Metrojaya Warehouse sale experience i had last october.

can't wait for the third one!


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