Saturday, April 04, 2009

i'm taking off the hot sales corner i had on my blog previously. i have not updating it for the past couple of months, too lazy to do so, and i figured that it's better to update hot sales in the post section for my own convenient, so that i don't have to upload the pictures at geocities.

mom canceled her birthday dinner last wednesday.

so i called a.j, with much hope that she was still lingering around sogo...i was thinking to go for a karaoke session with her..
she replied my text, saying she's already waiting for the bus at the lrt near her home.
i said,"please", she said "no, can't i'm tired" i said,"pweesss pweety pweess..." and she said ok :D

as i walked down the office, i saw my B114 rapid kl bus fast approaching me...empty..
i hurriedly crossed the road and got on the bus without thinking that i had a date with a.j.
seconds later after i remembered,i called her and asked to meet me at jaya jusco.
we had dinner and shopped instead.

on thursday afternoon, during lunch hour, i went to the perfume warehouse sale held at corus hotel, kl.
it was a massive jam in the ballroom.
people were just standing in the long queue to pay their purchase.i couldn't see clearly of the perfumes on the counter...
i went out a few minutes after as there was no point to buy perfumes as the queue alone would be a 40minutes to 1 hour waiting period.

went there again on friday with a.j
but this time there was no crowd...but the perfumes left were not many...there's couple of branded perfume only.
i overheard the salesperson telling other customer that they will restock the perfumes tomorrow.
so me and a.j decided to show up early tomorrow.

and today, after i got my first ever photobook of aishah's engagement pictures, i met a.j at corus hotel again.
this time, the crowd was okay.and most of all, the perfumes were variety.there was paul & joe cosmetic counter, ranging between rm20-rm80, but thinking that i still have my benefits from previous warehouse sale, i let go of the thought to buy paul & joe cosmetics.

for just perfumes, our damaged together was rm500 only.
good bargain not?
oh, rm500 for 13 bottles of perfumes.
that's cheap right...i know :D
i bought 4 bottles for myself and a.j's were the rest.
well, we are not going to use the perfumes all to ourself, most of them will be good for birthday presents and simply for gifts.

like this one,Made in Love by Jeanne Arthes. click here to see the website. rm39 for 100ml
its for my mom...not for her birthday present cause she always has this high expectation for her bday gifts..huhu..her elizabeth arden's provocative woman is almost finish anyways so i think that this lovely lovey dovey birdie would be nice for her. i know she will like the bottle and the smell too.

this is for my cousin's coming birthday. well, i have a handful of little girls cousin but i only bought this one. i don't want to give same thing to everybody and who knows, i will find better items at other warehouse sale.
this little pinky barbie set comprising a 75ml perfume, and a disposable camera.i saw this once at jaya jusco and it cost somewhere near rm100-rm130, but i only paid this for rm39. i am bliss :)
i would want to have one for myself though, but due to budget limit, i have to find something else for myself.

my next purchase would be this.
Esprit Connect for him perfume. bought it for my friend. purchased at rm36 for 30ml.

and last but not least, yours truly need to have something for herself too right...taaadaaa
this gorgous pink perfume is from Jeanne Arthes, Rose BonBon...what a name! despite of the adorable bottle, the smell is sweet, similar to cost me at rm19 for 100ml.well, if you flip the bottle to 90degrees, the bottle looks like a big candy.i like!

i will update aj's purchased soon, once i got the chance to take pictures of her perfumes.

and this is my first ever photobook :D
i am happy with the photobook although there is a slight mistake in there,that i'm totally pissed off with, but i can't wait to show it to aishah.
to my potential future clients, yes, Harim Photography now has a new package with photobook me for more information ;)


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