Sunday, April 26, 2009

movie outing

i should have met aishah yesterday morning for the metrojaya warehouse sale.
she texted me that early morning and re-planned as she had to attend several kenduri kahwin.

nevertheless...our movie outing was still on as planned!

aishah fetched me and we drove to a.j's.
ana and am arrived a few minutes after that.we decided to go to pavilion to catch movie.
we had to take the 11.30pm show as the earlier one was almost full and the only seats left were the one near the screen...and so, we went to the food republic for food while waiting for our movie.

i love this jelly ice cocktail. it has this tasty zing flavour came from a mix of ice, jelly, fruit cocktail and a fresh squeeze of lime..
aishah was craving for waffle and she got one
a.j had mee jawa while faiz indulging into his ABC special
ana had an ABC too which she thought much more delicious eating alone..but here in the pix was her tasting a.j's mee jawa.

the movie we watched, the uninvited, was not that spooky but more to thriller psycho heavy movie i might say. there was some scary part, some ghost thingy kind of thing, crawling in the bedroom lah and what not...but i managed to get through all the scary scenes with my Zara's jacket over my head :D

i even went into the elevator alone at home from G floor to 9th floor..
see how brave i am now.hehe..

i just bought a new blue tooth adapter which cost me at only rm18.
this little guy need no cd installer as it is an easy plug and play device...making my life easier without having to worry if i lost the cd installer, like i did before.

my sister had won a lucky draw at the cleo's most eligible bachelor held at zouk. she won a handphone which later she gave to's phone (3315) really need a major surgery..the battery always dead eventhough had been charged for one night, the button is hard to press and it's just too mom deserved the nokia 1208.

sister also received goodie bag which comprising 3 bottles of oxygen line face product from nivea, maxis starter pack, pendrive 2gb flash drive, wimax drinking bottle, vouchers from bubba gump, jeans smith and stage, equal less calories sugar, a small sample bottle of aigner starlight perfume and maxis laptop skin.

its almost 3am now and i am really really sleepy..
off to bed now.


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Miu said...

wah hp! cleo's bacherlor? got pics? so which guy won? :)