Saturday, April 25, 2009

my 26th bday dinner

my friends were kind enough to throw me a bday dinner party at flaming steamboat, sunway.
i love the meal there...variety..much more than tupai-tupai..but i think i favor tupai-tupai's tom yam better.


flaming steamboat offering, like i said, a variety dish to go with the steamboat at a very very affordable price, which is rm19.90+. and this include drinks!

unlike tupai-tupai, the buffet charges are not included drinks, and the drinks are pretty much expensive.for a jug of juice, it will cost at rm24 .. a jug of ice tea/ice lemon tea will cost at rm16..and a jug of chinese tea will cost at rm8 for both cold or hot.

flaming steamboat also offers the famous chocolate fonde, variety of ice cream flavors and kuih-muih for desserts.
i love the choices for seafood, there's many type of clamps, and i even took home the beautiful green clamp shells.
and the interior was cosy.

there's one thing that tupai-tupai should learn from flaming steamboat is that used electronic cooking's convenient, safe and easy to use for both restaurant and customers.

okay, enough of the restaurant review :P

back to the bday party..we (me, eli, noni and ida) arrived early at 8pm.
we waited for the others to come...but of course, we had to have something to munch..our stomach make so much noise, so we had the chocolate fonde and some kuih-muih to lapik perut. later, the rest arrived, and we started the dinner...
the hopeful..may everything i wish for this year, goes as smooth as it can be..

after dinner, some of us had to go home and some of us went straight to karaoke...karaoke jamban that was! :D but we took the extra large room and kamarul started to show off his alta ego as kamarul the male version of beyonce...huhu...

i thank everyone who came that night, wafa & bani, arfah & pet, noni, bart, kamarul and last but not least my 2 good friend, ida & eli who making the party happened!
luv u guys ;D


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