Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My second Metrojaya Warehouse sale

as in this morning, i woke up early just cause my mom told me that the first 20 people at the Metrojaya Warehouse sale will get a rm300 vouchers.i didn't even bother to look at the paper cutting advertisement, and straight off started the car engine...while i was in the car, i looked carefully at the advert and realize that it's the TOP SPENDER who will get the vouchers...haihh, mom...

we went anywhere.....

the crowd was unbelievable, especially on a weekdays day!
the staffs started to distribute the blue canvas shopping bag.people were lining up for's keep on feeding crowd with information, what to do, what not to do inside there, what brand to expect etc.
it was 5 more minutes before the big entrance open...
as the mc's welcoming the crowd, and the crowd looks so much with anticipation (except for the dude beside me yang looks like macam tak tau di mana berada...hahah...hello, ur at the ultimate warehouse sale evah!)
and with the background song they played (OST Step Up, Show Me The Money by Petey Pablo) while the warehouse door slowly open up, waaahhh...kalah beratur panjang for concert!

during the queing outside the entrance

me and mom hurriedly walked to the Cosmetic&Fragrance the time we were there, the que was still okay, but my line was being hold for less than 10minutes before they let us found Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely set for cheap price.that's her birthday present from me and sister, she said.
inside, queing for Cosmetic & Fragrance section

fragrance cashier counter

then we found J.Lo Glow & Marc Jacob body lotion at a very very affordable price :D
blissful ;)

from left, J.Lo Glow body lotion, Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely set, Marc Jacob Intense body lotion, and my ulimate purchased at Isetan, Stila Blanc Palette

we didn't really looked at the other section, as in clothing, home appliances etc. but we did make a stop at somerset bay, and to my suprise, it was still expensive...even 70% off, a piece of long white tunic is around rm80.
that is not a warehouse price..too bad..

we left the place with fragrance on our hands.
Stila counter was there too, products goes as same price at the mall counter. i prefer buying at the mall as you don't have to go through a sea of people, but still, there were palettes i haven't seen at the, pick your preference ;)

Stila counters...sorry don't have pictures of the palettes

after the sale, we fetched my sister at her work place, and off to PJ for lunch. we had lunch at Clove Cafe, owned by her friend's was yummy, i had fish&chips (i luv the fish whereby they using fresh fish and not the fish fillet that you can find at supermarket), mom had laksa and sister had mee jawa. price was reasonable too.

later that evening, we went to The Garden. a good friend of mine gave me an Isetan voucher worth RM50...i wasn't sure what to spend on the, shoes...i was planning to wait until Isetan sale.but later, i realize, i should spent it on one thing that caught my eyes recently, the Stila Blanc goes at RM50, and it has 3 eyeshadow colour and 1 blusher. i love the colour of the eyeshadow, goldish brown, just what i'm looking for.
yes, i'm blissful :D

the goldish eyeshadows and the blusher.
p/s: eyeshadow colours look sparkling and gliterring like gold than the picture.

i also like this beauty from Stila. a dinner purse cum clutch set complete with make up.make up comprising Eyeshadow palette of 4 purplish shadows, lips n cheek convertible creme, mascara, cherry crush and one miniture illuminating rm150, you can have it all

I'm selling this Stila lipstick off for RM25.the colour is in Emily.light on image to see colour.

nighty nite!


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