Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stila Closing down Sale

Stila is having a closing down sale starting end of last month if i'm not mistaken. They are not actually tutup kedai, i read at one of the affiliate website, they are refinancing Stila whereby they are taking back all their franchise outlets all over the world except for USA.

therefore, Stila is clearing up their stocks..i don't know how many items they got in their warehouse, but might last until next month perhaps?

i am not a Stila fan, well, i adore the packaging, suitable for their target market, even the elderly ladies are fans of Stila because of the packaging. but last time, the retail price was out of my budget.and so, i only adoring the products while passing by the counters, and tested the products sometimes.sad sad case.

and suddenly now, my friends call me the spokesperson of Stila..
i've been promoting Stila to all my friends eversince. not only my friends, but also my aunts and family. the weird thing was, i've been buying Stila for my friends and family but i have not bought anything for me.
until one day, i purchased the 2 tin cases (where u can make as pencil holder, cutlinery holder, etc holder) and one lips and cheek convertible colour. that's it. that was my only stila.
i still have a lot of make up from Benefit warehouse sale previously, i know that Stila is closing down and that they are giving crazy bargain but i'm on tight budget.

nevertheless, i had fun buying Stila for my friends.
for instance, i bought a make up set for my bff wedding.
it was a challenged as i had to put on a full set of make up for a budget she gave.
as a result, i bought her 1 Stila lipstick in Nicole, 1 Stila Eye Convertible in greenish colour, 1 Stila Lips & Cheek Convertible in Lillium, 1 Stila Mascara,1 Stila Hair Refresher Powder, 1 Stila Foundation and 1 Stila Backstage Beauty palette (which really suit her wedding theme, with the black rose n red casing colour)

-credit to Miu for getting me the BS Beauty palette-thanx dear ;)

and so on and so forth, i kept bugging my friends and family about Stila new stocks...i got quite a number of orders from them, and i am happily help them to purchase.

this noon , i was at Ida's.
we were lepaking and gossiping when Vina (one of the regular cust. at Stila KLCC) called me to inform that the accessories/merchandise stock has arrived. dat was thoughtful of her to do so..later, Vincent (the Stila guy at KLCC) called me to inform about the same thing.
he reserved some few items for me.
and i hurriedly drove back to KL.

the umbrellas, the mugs, the tin cans all there...and Vincent save me the last make up case..which i really really like...the ultimate purchased of Stila. thank you thank you thank you you all might already know, it's only rm50.
the casing is solid, and adorable.
spacious compartment.and convenient to take anywhere.
a limited edition item and a worthy!
it makes you feel like a professional make up artist, except you are the adorable professional make up artist with the adorable looking make up case :D

it's mine!now i can put all my makeup stuff inside.organise.

Me and my friends Stila

i still have a few more trips to Stila, to collect items on reserved.
hopefully there are still in stock cause i don't want to disappoint my friends.crossing fingers.



Miu said...

You're welcome dearie!

^____^ you're so a nice friend to put up a fabulous wedding gift for ur friend. Hope she loves the BS Beauty Palette!

harim hamdan said...

she really really like it...she texted me and said that she really like the palette.

the least i can do to ease her task of the wedding :P

so, u really not going to shop nemore after the case? enough meh?
i feel like buying another one :D
but no money already

sHwEeT ByAtcH said...

my email...

harim hamdan said...

emailed you already :)