Saturday, May 30, 2009

Creme Bouquet so yummy!

i have this

just bought this

and maybe i want this??

I'm so happy that my effort of walking to Pavilion after work today really worthy as I got the only Creme Bouquet perfume there...
The first time I smell the sweet vanilla-ish milky creme bouquet hair powder, I've fallen in love with it. I saw it at KLCC re-stock the other day, but some one took it so fast..all 5/6 boxes of it!
Wow! must be damn rich ;D

Best thing is, I got my best friend whom sayang me so much to buy me the perfume cause I damn broke already, luv u luv u darling! like if you see me shopping for Stila at KLCC counter, that will be for my friends or my aunts or my mom..okay lah, maybe I take one or two items, but seriously need to re-financing myself..haha..if Stila wanted to re-finance, so do I!

Anna Sui warehouse some more..if the perfumes go for as low as RM20, I can take one or two...but in my dreams lah A.S perfume for that price :P what else is new?
Stila is still having sales! not new..I was at KLCC counter the other day, during re-stocking day when I overheard a phone conversation between this kakak and her friend maybe. She was excitedly telling her friend that Stila is on sale, like the first time we telling our friends about it ;)
The look on her face was so excited :)
Lucky her that she still got the lipglazes on sale and etc.

My sister is on her outstation trip to Penang.
Eating nasi kandar some more..nyum nyum..the last time she was there (a month ago) she complained about her putting on weight by staying in Penang for 4 days. Of course lah, what else you wanna do at Penang if not eating the delicious and scrumptious food stuff.

Oh, I almost forgot..I met other Stila lovers at KLCC yesterday..Jenny, Shirley and Moon..nice meeting you girls ;)

I also saw this Stila Sun Shimmer Dry Oil at KLCC n Pavilion. Only one set each counter. It's RM24, very cheap, but I don't think I might need it. But for collection okay i guess. Nice stuff.

Btw, I have just spray the Creme Bouquet on me and the smell is just to my liking..perfecto! Rasa macam nak makan diri sendiri .... ngeee :D




Miu said...

good for u!

i don't like any of stila perfumes, so i never bought it. More of Anna Sui perfume fan :)

harim hamdan said...

hee..i fall in luv wif the smell after i bought the hair powder ;)

shirley ann said...

hello! nice meeting u, too :)
you love vanilla so much, i'm not surprised that you like creme bouquet :) congrats for finding the last bottle!

babyloveshopping said...

foundation brush how much u want let go?